Events 2019


Alien Creatures In Space Transport Crash On Calypso
A cargo ship was forced into making an emergency landing near west of Minopolis today with cargo which is deemed dangerous for the ecosystem by the Colonial Xenobiology Institute.

July & August

The heightened level of Eomon pheromons detected at the Calypso Defence Force monitoring stations at Oseres, Nymphtown and Fort Ithaca over the last few weeks signify the the start of the majestic Eomon's long and harsh migrate over the plains of the Eudoria.


The Mul mutants on Calypso aggressive behaviour during their seasonal rituals have been suggested to be connected to the rise of Eomon pheromones in the atmosphere by scientists at the Colonial Xenobiological Institute.


The Research and Development Institute had secured a hackable base matrix node. The Calypso Defence Force needs your help to protect the data interceptor installation!


Entropia Mardi Gras 2019 and Crowning of the Mardi Gras King 2020
Event on Monria: Saint Patrick's day parade and cosmic horror based events.

Robots Attacking Again (Tactical Strike: Secure The Node)
Event on Calypso: The robots are at it again, after the RDI locating robot data nodes, robots have sent reinforcements to these locations.

Watch Out For Ped Snatching On Rocktropia!
Event on Rocktropia: Rocktropia is grabbing PED from people in dungeons and instances for future events.

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