Thursday, 19 August 2021

Terrorist List Update


Stolen royal account.
Using stolen funds to bribe and buy weapons
Bribed, Police, NHS, solicitors, judges, politicians and international courts.
Identity theft.

War Crimes:
Inhuman experimenting against people will.
Mind hacking inner thoughts for enslavement.
Using religion for mind control.
Using indiscriminate weapons.
Using over powered weaponry.
Using nuclear weaponry.
Using sonic weaponry.
Shooting at genitalia.
Social blacklisting from seeking asylum.
Blacklisting of press over war crimes.
Space weaponry.

Everyone with the jail tag have not gone into jail under the right offences, rather than facing the full time for the terrist activities, and breaking of multiple international laws, they have gone to jail for minor offences. 

Name list:
  • Frederic Abbot
  • John Anderson (Ex-General) 1981
  • Tom Ashbey
Alias: Tom Michaels
  • Tom Cooper
Aliases: Tom Daniels/Andy/Dave/Alem/Alen/Felix/Adam Watson/Jason Willmott/David Little/Alex Baker/Tom Davis
  • Tom Jamieson 
Aliases: Tom Daniels/Andy/Dave/Alem/Alen/Adam Watson/Jason Willmott/David Little/Alex Baker/Tom Davis
  • Bobby Bennett (American Citizen) (Ex-Senate) (Project Paper Clip) (Austrian) (Not UK Cititzen) (Fake Passports) (No Real UK Passport) 1890
  • Dave Bennett (Not UK Cititzen) (Fake Passports) (No Real UK Passport) 1964
  • David Bennett (MOD) (Music Producer) (Not UK Citizen) (Fake passports) (No Real UK Passport) (American) 1985
  • Jason David Bennett (MOD) (Judge) (Ex-Bank-Owner) (US Senate) (Not UK Cititzen) (Fake Passports) (No real UK Passport) (Prison Guard Chelmsford) 1961
Aliases: Dave Bonnard
  • John Bennett (Himler) (Project Paper Clip) (German) (American Citizen) (Not UK Cititzen) (Fake Passports) (No real UK Passport) 1901
  • Steven Bennett (MOD) (Not UK Cititzen) (Fake Passports) (No real UK Passport) 1963
  • Tom Bennett (MOD) 1951
  • Dan Brown (Merlin/MOD) 1981
Aliases: Andy/Dave/Alem/Alen/Adam Watson/Tommy Brown
  • David "Jason" Bowen (Army/MOD) 1981
  • Michael Bowen (MOD) 1962
  • Andrew Carter (Colonal From General) 1981
  • Tony Carter (Ex-General) 1962
  • James Cooper 
  • Jason Cooper (MOD) 
  • John Cooper (Ex-MOD) 
  • Phil Cooper (Army) 1952
  • Tom James Cooper (MOD) 1981
  • Tom Michael Cooper (MOD) 1982
Aliases: Andy/David/Alem/Alen/Adam Watson/David Michaels/Alem Wilson/Tom Bennett/Tom MacKean/Tom Jones/Tom Mitchell/John Bakeman/Carly Whitmore/Carly Hisshop/David Wilson
  • Michael Davidson (General)
  • Jason Davis (Corporal From General) 1972
  • John Davis (MOD from General) 1991
  • David Dunne (Army) 1981
  • James Dunne (Army) 
  • Steve Dunne (MOD) 1961
  • John Jacobs (Corporal From General) 1953
  • Clair Edward (MOD) 1981
  • Clair Jacobs (MOD) 1981
  • John Jacobs (MOD) 1972
  • Marcus Jacobs (MOD from General) 1951
  • David Little (MOD) 1986
  • David MacKean (MOD)
  • Jason MacKean 
  • John MacKean  (Ex-MOD) 
  • "Steve" Sean MacKean (MOD) 1981
  • Tom Jason MacKean (MOD) 1967
Aliases: Shawn MacKeon
  • David McFeon (Ex-MOD) 
  • Jason McFeon
  • John McFeon
  • Shawn McFeon (Ex-MOD)
  • Steve McFeon (MOD)
  • Tom McFeon (MOD) 1962
  • David Michaels (Army from General)
  • Jason Bob Michaels (Corporal) 1952
  • John Michaels(Corporal From General) 1951
  • David Mitchel (MOD from General) 1972
  • Frank Mitchel (MOD)
  • John Mitchell (Corporal from General) 1971
  • Jason Phillips (MOD from General) 1972
  • John Phillips (Colonal From General) 1962
  • Jason Probin (MOD) 1981
  • Jacob Saunders
  • Jason Saunders
  • John Saunders (Ex-Army)
  • James Thomas "Tom" (MOD) 1982

Politicians Involved:
  • John Barrymore (Politics)
  • John Bonnard (Politics)
  • David Johnstone (Politics)
  • Ken Johnstone (Politics)