Monday, 24 February 2020

Monria Born Field Trips

Each month a field trip is conducted to other planets for people born on Monria. The Monrian Born Program guides new people through the other planets beginner missions and to collect teleporter location for future exploration.

This is just a tip of the iceberg for aid provided to people born on Monria. The Monrian Born Program was designed to give every Monrian Born community member resources that will enable them to have the best possible beginning experience on Monria and across the rest of the universe.

The Monria community manager "DarkMoonEnigma" provides all new Monria Born a free starter kit containing a weapon, ammo, and heal tool.

During Monria born monthly field trips to other planets upon the Yamoto mothership, first time Monria born passengers will receive an RK-5 and welding wires. The RK-5 is a vehicle repair kits, which requires welding wires to use, and can be used to repair vehicles and components on the mothership. Repairing vehicles will provide valuable experience in the construction. Several of the Yamato mothership pilots also host repair skill runs depending on time available.

Working along side this Monria born program is the Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT), which is a group of community members who have volunteered their time to assist individuals with a number of situations. Including distributing valuable information to the Monrian community, aiding in acquiring DSEC mining and military teleporters, assisting in the Monria born field trips, protecting miners extracting ore claims, and providing healing.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Valentines Day on Monria

It was 3 years ago just before Valentine's Day that the annual ritual of the Shubs was discovered, which required a human sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth.

Yog-Sothoth is an Outer God who knows all and sees all, and a contiguous entity with all space and time. Pleasing Yog-Sothoth has the potential of bringing knowledge of many things, but to learn too much also has the potential for courting disaster.

Unfortunately, to favor this God requires the ultimate sacrifice of a human, or eternal servitude. So far, no one targeted in our community for this annual human sacrifice has been captured, and submitted to Yog-Sathoth's eternal servitude.

For 3 years the Shubs have not given up in their efforts to capture a colonist for their ritual, and they have their eye on someone new. The Shubs will be relentless in their aggression, as another Monria community member is in danger.

Event Date: 15 Feb 2020.  Event Time: 12:00 to 23:59 EU Time.

Maffoids CDF Warnings

Once again the coming-of-age ritual of the Maffoids is upon us. The Calypso Defence Force is urging colonists to be extra careful over the coming weeks.

The Maffoids are a mega-mutant of the humanoid mutant subspecies. During this time of year only the most ferocious and ruthless Maffoids can rise to higher ranks among the tribe.

The Calypso Defence Force has sent out a warning to all colonists travelling close to Dust Keep Valley, Aegis Mound and Jason Centre to exercise caution due to the annual coming-of-age ritual of the local Maffoids tribes, where it is believed that the strongest Maffoid will soon gather.

There have also been reports of increased Maffoid activity near Camp Echidna and Cape Corinth, so be prepared and try to travel in groups in case of Maffoid attacks. Camp Icarus and Half Moon Bay have also experienced recent raids by small but aggressive packs of Maffoid Outrunners.

Colonists passing near these areas are advised to wear armour with impacts and cut protections if engagement is necessary.


Friday, 31 January 2020

Viral video on Entropia Universe

Expect an influx of new colonists to Entropia Universe in the next coming few months as new video relating to Entropia Universe on YouTube gets 142k views in the first week of uploading.

For comparison the official YouTube channel for Entropia Universe, the currently advertised video on the channel, "Entropia Universe - Mission Galactica", has reached the same view count over a 3 year period.

These statistics from an outside influencer are not heard of specifically for Entropia Universe. This will not only will this bring in new people, but also bring in more economically savy people.

The YouTube channel "Economics Explained", with a subscriber count of over 240k subscribers, is an educational channel for the study of economics.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Entrolympic Events 2020

The Entrolympic Events 2020, more commonly called "EE20", is an monthly tournament spanning across the year, up until the end of December 2020, sponsored by

Events Through The Year
Hunting / Mining / Racing
Treasure Hunt / Screenshot Contest

The hunting and mining events requires the EntropiaLife tracker client installed to track the results of the participants. You will also have to register on the hunting event and the mining event pages. Once registered you will be able to mine and hunt anywhere to start earning points.

Racing events will also be taking place across the universe, on Calypso, Arkadia, Rocktopia and Next Island. Starting at the end of March.

Screenshot contests will be held up until Saint Patrick's Day, then up to Halloween, and then leading up over the Christmas period. Prizes will be given to the best screenshot.

There is also a big treasure hunt! Members of the Entrolympic Comittee have split up a encoded message into 12 pieces, they then scattered the pieces outside Entropia Universe. Will you be the first person to find the treasure before other do?

To find out more about the the details of each event, click here.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

VU17: Gameplay Updates

Some less well known updates to the game play elements have been added in the version update along with the graphical update and the new tool tier system.

A few changes have been made to the displaying of information on items to the display, the current trade terminal value of attached attachments is now displayed in the base item’s tooltip info and prices and markup are now displayed in the tooltip info when hovering the mouse over items in a shop or shopkeeper.

One of handy feature that has been added to help protect items from accidental trade. The button to toggle the ability to protect an item can be found in the item info window. Items that are protected will show a “P” on the item icon status bar.

The name of equipped weapons and tools with a condition below 10% is now displayed in yellow text in the dashboard.

Entropia Exchange
The "Share Center" has been renamed to the "Entropia Exchange", which can be accessed by right clicking your PED card in your inventory.

Buy orders have been added to the Entropia exchange. Buy orders always match the lowest available price first. Buy orders will match older Sell orders first if there are multiple Sell orders with the same price.

A market history graphs and transactions tab has also been added to the Entropia exchange, to displays a history of market prices, share transactions and revenue payouts.

Turrets And Destructible Environment
The best part of the recent version update by far is the changed to turrets. Creatures killed by automated turrets, drowned, or despawned by the system will return loot in the form of Shrapnel, when appropriate.

Destructible environmental items now also provide loot in the form of Shrapnel. Destructible explosive items that cause damage to nearby creatures transfer their loot to the damaged creatures.

VU17: DirectX 10 fallback support

In one of the better decision MindArk has made since any of the graphical updates is the back support for systems with hardware not compatible with Direct X 11.

Since the recent graphical update, a number of people have been reporting receiving a message on  starting, that many graphic cards have been not been compatible with the new Direct X version.

In the most recent patch, fallback support for DirectX 10 has been added. When the system detects that you have a graphics card that only supports DirectX 10, it will fallback to using DirectX 10.

However, this fallback process may be removed in the future when weMindArk adds graphical features that DirectX 10 cannot handle. If your graphics card does not support DirectX 11, we recommend upgrading to a newer card before the fallback support is removed.

Most of the recent version of windows usually comes with DirectX 11 by default, older version of windows may need to download and install it, to check your DirectX version

  1. Click Start.
  2. Search and Click Run (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run)
  3. Type "dxdiag" in the Run window
  4. If DirectX version is less than 11: Download DirectX 11 (Official Microsoft Website)

Note: Even if you have DirectX 11 is installed, your hardware might not be compatible with it. Cards older than Nvidia's 400 GT series or AMD's HD 5000 series are not be compatible with DirectX 11, even if you have it installed.