Friday 18 September 2020

Violently Aggressive Calamusoid Attacks

The genetically engineered and violently aggressive Calamusoid mutants that has inhabit the swamp areas near Fort Lahar and Fort Medusa since December last year, have recently been spotted in the outskirts of Chugs Hideout and Fort Ithaca.

As the Calamusoids are known for their extremely aggressive behaviour, the Calypso Defence Force (CDF) urges all colonists that plan to visit these locations to use extreme caution.

The initial reports coming in from hunters suggest that the area around Chugs Hideout have attracted low maturity Calamusoids, while higher maturities have been spotted near Fort Ithaca.

The swamps toxic gas, although is toxic to humans, is not toxic for the Calamusiod, which seem to thrive in the harsh toxic gases. While the gatherings of Calamusoids outside of the swamps are a new phenomenon and the reasons for it are still unknown, it should be expected that very high level maturities may appear and cause extreme damage. Hunters should be prepared for the worst possible scenarios and carefully choose their gear.

Happy hunting to those brave colonists helping to repel these threats and help keep Chugs Hideout and Fort Ithaca safe!

Monday 31 August 2020

End of the migration season and iron missions

With the Eomon pheromones lowering wildlife will be returning to normal, marking the end of another migration season on Calypso, and with the year grace period up, we also say goodbye to the old iron mission system on planet Calypso.

Just over a year ago the new codex system was introduced. Last year it was announced that the old mission system was being replaced by the new codex system, a grace period of one year was decided to allow Entropians to complete both codex and as much of the iron missions as they can before the switch over, this also allowed Entropians to complete last years and this years migration season iron missions.

The old mission system has remained in place, with the removal of iron missions and a few other kill chain quests, keeping storyline missions. The codex will now become the main hub for all hunting challenges and rewards on Calypso.

The future plans for the other planets in the system will be to adopt the new codex system over chained hunting missions. A similar grace period will take place as the other planets move from one system to another.

Saturday 11 July 2020

The Migration Season Has Arrived

Every year around the same time, we see the massive Eomons migrating along the continent of Eudoria on planet Calypso. The Eomon are the giants of Calypso. Their annual migration across the continent of Eudoria was discovered many years ago, and many scientists and hunters track their location during this time of year ever since.

Pheromone levels have been steadily raising in the atmosphere over the last month and scientists have predicted that the 2020 Eomon migration season has just started.

The annual Eomon migration continues to be a popular seasonal hunting event for new and seasoned big game hunters alike. As many other species such as the Mulmun mutants and Atrox predators follow in the wake of the mighty Eomon herd.

Along with the Eomon herd migrating over the south east of the Eudoria continent, the Longtooth also moves over the fields of the north west. There are also Longtooth Adolescents, ideal for lower level hunters, and Longtooth wave events at a number of locations.

Herds of Longtooth waves are are found at the following location:
West of Fort Argus - Higher maturity
North of Livas Heights - Higher maturity
North of Atlas Haven - Lower maturity
South West of Chug’s Hideout - Lower maturity
South of Limnadian District -Llower maturity

Estimated migration paths for both the Eomon and Longtooth species have been released by RDI Xenobiologists based on data collected from previous migrations.

This data analysis predicts that the Longtooth Migration Path will begin east of Cape Corinth and south of Livas outpost, and end near Fort Ithaca.

The Eomon migration begins in the eastern parts of the Eudorian continent in the Minopolis desert region, passing near Ashi before ending in the south near Camp Carter. 

Longtooth Adolescents, suitable for younger hunters, have been spotted at the following locations:
Chug’s Hideout
Fort Zeus.

Sunday 21 June 2020

Version Update 17.2: Details

In the last few minor updates, we have seen changes in the tiering system, and the removal of the tiering skill in the crafting system, in the latest release further modification have been made to the tiering, enhancers and crafting system. 
The equipment tiers for each level has now been changed to a new single TIR system, rather than having individual tiers levels for each level, the equipment now has a single TIR value. For unlimited equipment the TIR value can range from 1-200, for limited equipment the TIR value can be as high as 4000.

Armour equipment tiering has been adjusted closer to the amount of damage absorbed to the total protection of the armour part. This change makes it faster to tier armour parts versus tougher enemies, while the total armour deterioration would remain the same against weaker enemies

Limited Items:
Limited tools no longer have a sound effect for when they gain a minor tier increase.

Changes to limited items makes it easier to gain an increases at higher item tiers, but slightly more difficult at lower item tiers. This change provides a more smooth and predictable item tiering progression.

Limited tools has an increased probability of gaining a minor tier increase as their Trade Terminal value decreases.

Limited armour parts has their maximum tier potential determined by their Trade Terminal value rather than the speed at which they gain tiers, as limited items life span is determined by their value.

Unlimited Items:

Unlimited excavators now gain minor tier increases at the same rate as weapons.

The tier increase probability for unlimited armour parts are now based on how likely each armour part is to get hit. Each armour part of course still has its own TIR, so the tier speed of any individual part may still be faster/slower than that of another. 


The chance for enhancers to break is now directly and in line with the benefit provided.

While the break chance was always influenced by the benefit provided to the item being enhanced, it has now been changed to be in line with the benefit it provides.

This means that a damage enhancer inserted into a low-damage item such as the Sollomate Opalo, the Jester D1 or the Barbarella Z12, will have an extremely low chance of breaking. While compared to one attached to a high-damage item such as the Unique Dub or the McCormick Terminator. A high-damage, short-range shortblade will consume range enhancers much more slowly than damage enhancers.

Crafting System:

Changes in the crafting system will now produce better returns, resulting in less fails and more near success.

Shrapnel has been added as a scrap resource for failing in manufacturing, with a lower priority than residue. This means that manufacturing attempts on blueprints with a very low Trade Terminal input value previously would result in a failed attempt, and will now result in a near success and provide shrapnel instead and a small amounts of shrapnel will also be included in manufacturing attempts on all blueprints that result in success or near success for any remaining value below 1 PEC.

Other Changes, Fixes and adjustments:

Classified Strongboxes purchased from the web shop can no longer traded between people.

Adjusted drop rates for Garnet, Opal, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond.

Buff effects are now displayed in an item tool tips when hanging the mouse over an item, and heal per second information has also been added to tool tips for healing tools.

It is now possible to turn in attribute tokens in quantities that do not award a full attribute point, removing the need to keep these items in inventory or storage.

The rewards and thresholds has been adjusted for the Ambulimax Codex.

Fixes include incorrect energy burn value for the M91 Stalker Augmented weapon, an issue causing “This person cannot be a disciple” message to repeat on screen, and an issue causing boss damage deflection buffs not to deflect damage in all situations.

Finally the usual server performance improvements and optimisations, specifically tailored to better handle an increased numbers of participants.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Version Update

In this versions update for Entropia, memory usage will be will be capped at 4 GB for texture, models, animations and partial effects. Several server have also been optimised.

A Mankini is now been made usable on Ancient Greece, and Next Island. 

The drop rate of rare gems has been increased. Opals, emeralds, rubies and diamonds have a higher chance of being found.

An issue where Attribute Tokens Traders would give 1 stamina instead of 1 intelligence has been corrected.

The use speed of healing tools with skill increase bonus have been corrected.

Sunday 24 May 2020

Entrolympics 2020 Fruit Finding Contest

An event has been added in a recent update to the Entropia 2020 Olympics, also know as the Entrolympics, the introduction of the society vs society fruit finding event, initially a separate events, has now been added to the many listed events that already exist in the 2020 Olympics.

Although it is a late entry on the list of event, it is easy to surpass the current leader on the leader board. Each participant earns points for their society by taking screenshots of the 4 fruits fruits when discovered on the event sponsors land. Each participant can earn a maximum of 4 points for their society, for each of the fruits within Entropia Universe, Bombardo, Caroot, Haimoros, and Papplon.

The society with the most points will win 0.008 BTC, if there is a tie between two or more societies, the societies will select a member to represent their society in a PvP fight without armour, without healing, without buffs, and with the Trade Terminal boxing gloves, the last standing of this PvP fight will win 0.008 BTC for their society.

Each individual picture taken for the contest will also be individually be ranked and the top 3 entries per festivity will be selected based on creativity, quality, uniqueness and overall aesthetics, and the winners will be awarded prizes in the form of PED, and will be rewarded to the elected winners on their Entropia Partners accounts.

Participant must collect fruit on the land of the event sponsors:
Amethera Outback Lands, 01, 07, 18, 23, 24, 26, 40, 42 North, 42 East, 46, 48, 49, 53, 54 and 65,
Along with Bakunawa Island and Pemphredo Island, on planet Calypso.
On planet Next Island and the associated Ancient Greece.