Friday 2 June 2017

Issue 11: Bug hunting season


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
Infested: Marcimex attacks
Transport Tokens: Rocktopia travel
New Social Media Journalist: Jason Journalist Levine

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

Infested: Marcimex attacks

Marcimex are massive underground insects that have hardly ever been seen on the surface of Calypso, this month these insects have been have been found scurrying the surface attacking the local colonists. In fact this is such a rare occurrence that this is only the second time this has happened in recorded history since humans have landed on Calypso.

One Entropian xenobiologists has suggested the queen has been likely disturbed by the humans activities on the surface which could include a number of factors, such as the vibration from vehicles and mining probes.

He further adds that it would seem that the queen seems to be culling the weaker broodlings of the hive in a form of selective breeding to make the hive stronger, but it is unknown if this is for defense or offensive reasons.

Battle Simulator: Update

The battle simulator has been updated with a bigger prize pool, but the cost of entry has now raised up to 6 PED per play. The success of the battle simulator since its inception shows that it will be here to stay.

Transport Tokens: Rocktopia travel

Although last month I mentioned a statement from Mind Ark about not implementing transporter tokens, that has not stopped John Jacob Neverdie from implementing the start of his concept on his own planet Rocktopia.

Even though the first part of his project has been implemented, we are yet to see the second part of his plans to come to fruition. Neverdie stated as he wants to create online jobs within Entropia.

Other Small Updates: Spawning waves and loot

Many of the wave spawns have been updated across Calypso, this includes the robot invasion events on forts across Calypso, the invasions will continue to occupy an area until retaken by colonists.

Another change is to robots loots, Drokas and Drones will no longer drop animal muscle oil and calypso bone samples.

And finally, Pyrite prices are set to rise a little more as the supplies at a number of PvP areas have dropped to a rarer level.

New Social Media Journalist: Jason Journalist Levine

Mindark are introducing an official in-game social media journalist avatar called “Jason Journalist Levine” to Entropia Universe. Mindark has stated this avatar may mail or approach you in-game to check if he can use pictures/video/quotes in our social media. 

Many people have commented this to be a great idea for further marketing Entropia Universe.

A personal comment: I wonder if this an attempt to emulate what I have been doing these last few years on and off on my own... one of the officials must of been browsing my site and thought... we can do this!


I would like apologies for the slight delay of this issue of Entropiazine. Being the individual editor and publisher of this magazine sometime technical problems happen out of my control, and I know everyone likes things to be like clockwork.

Last night a major power cut stopped me from publishing Entropiazine online, but Luckily everything is now fine and with little delay this will get published for everyone to view.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my efforts as an individual independent publisher in Entropia and thank you for your patience in this slight delay.