Thursday 11 April 2019

Guide: Refining Basics

This guide will teach you about refining the basics resources, many of the resources acquired from hunting and mining need to be refined before being used for crafting. Refining has many other advantages including lowering the weight of what your carrying, creating mind force ammo and pet food.

A basic refiner can be brought from a trade terminal. Refiners come under the tools tab in the inventory (Default key "I"). To equip and use the to refiner, right click on the refiner and equip. To bring up the refiner window press the use tool button (Default key "E").

Once the refiner window is open, simply drag and drop what you want to refine from your inventory into the refiner window, and hit the refine button. It only takes a few seconds to refine, not matter what stack size.

It normally takes multiple resources to refine down into its refined element. The output value will be equal to the value put into the refiner, even if the stack size and weight is less. Any resources left over, they will be returned to the inventory unrefined, for example:

1 Lysterium Stone is worth 0.01 at the trade terminal
1 Lysterium Ingot is worth 0.03 at the trade terminal.
It take 3 Lysterium Stone to make 1 Lysterium Ingot.

Some refinements requires multiples types of resources, creating "Mine Essence" (Mindforce Ammo) or "Nutrio Bars" (Pet Food) are a few of these.

1000 Vibrant Sweat (0.01 TT) + 1000 Force Nexus (10.00 TT) =
1001 Mind Essence (10.01 TT)

1000 One type of found fruit (0.01 TT) + 1000 Sweetstuff (10.00 TT) =
1001 Nutrio Bars (10.01 TT)

The only cost of refinement is down to how economical your refiner is and how much you refine, the refiner will always return the amount of value that will be put into it, but the trade terminal value of the refiner will degrade with use. To be more economical when refining, it is best to refiner larger amounts of resources.

Many miners will refine their own resource before selling, not only to help with weight when going out on longer mining runs, but it also helps with selling the resources, a crafter is more likely to look for refined resources when buying. Although refining is not needed, as many resellers are happy to buy materials and refine it to sell.

Here is a few other examples of simple refinements:
From Hunting:
Animal Hide - Generic Leather
Soft Hide - Soft Leather
Fine Hide - Fine Leather
Wool - Wool Cloth
Thin Wool - Wool Thread
Fine Wool - Fine Textiles
Molisk Enamel Teeth - Molisk Enamel Buttons

From Mining:
Belkar Stone - Belkar Ingot
Lysterium Stone - Lysterium Ingot
Iron Stone - Iron Ingot
Melchi Water - Menlchi Crystal
Alicenies Liquid - Alicenies Gel
Dianthus Liquid - Dianthus Crystal Powder
Crude Oil - Oil

This is a brief overview of how to refine, to see a full list of all the possible refinement recipes in Entropia Universe, Click Here.

Other topics
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