Monday 1 August 2016

Issue 7: More Daily Tokens


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
New Daily Token Mission: Lost Equipment
Explosive Projectiles: Explosive Debate
Sweat reaching a PED

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

New Daily Token Mission: Lost Equipment

Stronger characters know that the gauntlet rewards lower level players with daily tokens, and being above a certain level yields none. On the Argonaut Island north of Camp Icarus at the Research Outpost there is a new daily mission.

The first mission is a simple mission, kill 25 Argonauts then the leaders above ground, then rescue the scientists from the cave on the island.
These Argonauts are a lower level of 3 to 4 and quite easy to dispatch, the mission reward is a small amount of universal ammo.

The next mission found here will be for the daily tokens and can be taken every 24 hours, It is recommended that a person is armoured and has a decent gun if going solo or a small team. You will find that the Argonauts will now be level 5 and a lot harder to take down.

The goals of the mission is to clear the cave of Argonauts and find some lost research equipment.

Explosive Projectiles: Explosive Debate

Lets have a look at the explosive projectile blueprint, I have been avoiding this article for months, mainly because it is already currently a big debate in the community for a long time.

For the last few years the explosive blueprint has not contributed to the general player based economy of Entropia, at one point in history these blueprints required materials acquired by the miners of Entropia, today you will find that the blueprint only required Nanocubes brought from the trade terminal.

Even though the explosive projectiles hits the hall of fame quite often which seem to draw new player to try hit the big one, the actual chances of this is very slim, leaving a lot of newer players in dismay.

I recommenced to use the explosive blueprint to grind skills and acquiring low level blueprints more than to make a profit. I have seen people with 90% success rate gets an actual return of about 70% at trade terminal value. With explosive projectiles never selling for above 101% this leaves a ton of people losing out.

Explosive weapons are also in a short supply, leaving hardly any demand for the ammo type.

Sweat reaching a PED

The lack of demand for vibrant sweat is causing the prices to constantly hit a new low every few weeks, this is one of many topic which is over discussed within the community for years, even I myself remember the sweat prices drop from 12 PED per K to 6 PED almost overnight after the mind force was removed temperately to today where prices can be just over a PED for a K. Even though the amount of sweat acquired per "Grab" has been lowered to alleviate this with no success.

The main reason for this is down to the fact that new players are constantly arriving creating more supply without an equal raising demand. An new players are the bread and butter for a games survival.

The original idea of vibrant sweat was to allow people to set their own value on the item itself, and with no demand and an over abundance of vibrant sweat it is relatively easy to acquire for a small price.

As the future goes on, unless there are major implementation for a higher consumption of vibrant sweat in the general populous, vibrant sweat prices will continue to fall... as for dropping below a PED in price, who knows, I think we may see that sooner than you think.