The Publisher:

Hello, I am Felix Zell Shallow, most people know me as just Felix in Entropia. I am the  researcher, designer, writer and publisher of Entropiazine.

I come from a time in Entropia when people used to taxi other people by foot to teleporters on a single planet and sweat was 12k per PED. Im sure many of the other older players will remember and still call Entropia Universe, "Project Entropia".  A lot of things have changed in Entropia over the years.

For the the people who hardly know me, I am the leader of the society "Entropia Market", a well known group of traders which used to hang around Atlas Haven, Twin Peak and Port Atlantis. Now you will find us all across the universe, but our main base is on Planet Calypso.

The main reason I am here is to help to improve the game as a whole, the economy of this game is widely based on the its players and the way MindArk controls and represents its own product.

I am not affiliated by MindArk and I do not hold inside information, with that in mind, my goals are purely to enlighten younger players on the game play mechanics and trade, enhancing the economics of the game and player experience, bringing together the hard to find information that is useful to the general players of Entropia

Thank you for browsing Entropiazine, and hope you find reading Entropiazine enjoyable and insightful.

Contact Information:

There are a number of way you are able to contact me and my society members inside and outside Entropia Universe.



(+44) 7865 509 574

Room 1, 33 Brockles Mead
CM19 4PT
United Kingdom

Authors Blog:

You can also leave me a message on any of my pages here on this website.

If you wish to contact me for within Entropia Universe, search "Felix Zell Shallow" in the player register. You are able to send me a message even if I am offline, I am usually on daily and first thing I do when I log on is read and reply to message I have received in the message center.

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