Saturday 1 October 2016

Issue 9: Growth


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
New Security: Entropia Pocket
Going Green: Land Development
The robot wars are coming

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

New Security: Entropia Pocket

Another new free downloadable app is available from MindArk on the appstores, this app offers the two part security system that was previously only available to gold card holders. Those already using the Gold Card Security System may continue to do so, but this system may not be available for purchase in the future.

Entropia Pocket is set to be the companion of every EU adventurer, not only providing security, but also providing real-time information about system updates, in-game events, news and support information. As for being an added value to the actual game other than security is yet to be seen.

It is very obvious that MindArk is now currently moving into the mobile phone app market. Compets is coming along quite nicely and is still in the open beta phase, but the old Virtual Tycoon for Entropia needs to be developed further and has been sitting in the background for a while now.

What needs to be developed by MindArk is an update to the Virtual Tycoon app, Many features are still needed to be a successful trader app in the Entropia Universe that could stand alone purely on the market. A few good examples of this is ability to split stacks of items and access land deed revenues.

The Entropia Pocket app is already available for download on the iTunes App store and the Google Play store.

Going Green: Land Development

One of the exciting new features that will be implemented soon is an expansion to the Housing system that will enable production of resources from Calypso Land Deed Plot estates. The first type of production to be implemented will be Gardening, allowing Plot holders to grow various plants that will be used in the construction of new components for crafting.

As well as creating saleable and craftable goods, working on your garden builds up points that will unlock upgrades to your home and increase its value. This will be interesting to see how the investment into Calypso Land Deeds will pay off.

The robot wars are coming

Earlier this year MindArk implemented a new dynamic event system, which has been used to create a number of Robot Invasion events on the planet Calypso.

Although these invasions have been for higher level players, in the next few months it is expected there will be further additional Robot Invasion events suitable for lower level avatars in the upcoming release.

MindArk will continue to expand and improve this system and provide a powerful and flexible tools for the Planet Partners to create engaging dynamic and storyline driven events in the future.

This is exactly in line with Neverdie's plans to create a transport network using this dynamic system to create teleporter robot battles.

More active than last year

The Mindark marketing team has shared some intresting statistics from MindArk’s intense marketing efforts over the past year:

"The number of active participants has grown by more than 51% over the past 12 months and in-game revenue has grown 10% year-on-year for the first 2 quarters of 2016."

This is a huge amount of new players that are currently active, for every two active players from last year there will be one new active player extra this year. Not only that but the 10% higher revenue is an amazing amount of growth within a short time, showing that Entropia's economy still over the many years of its existance only continues to get stronger over time.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Issue 8: Virtual revolution


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
PvP: Sunday Event
Compets: Let's find a fight.
VR: Getting plugged in

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

PvP: Sunday event

This weekend many Entropians will be flocking to Fortress Invincible to take part in a PvP event.
The tickets to this PvP event costs only 0.10 PED with first, second and third price being 20 PED and in addition the PED value of the weapon damage and ammo spent during the event will be added to prizes.
With an easy entry cost everyone is more than welcome to join the official Fortress Invincible PVP Event. The event is a Non-lootable PVP Team play event. Armor will not provide protection and but will not deteriorate. If you are thinking of taking part or looking to find more details about the event, take a look at the event list to see the full details and to register. The event will run for an hour on Sunday the 4th of September at Fortress Invincible starting at 18:00 UTC.

Aim for the head for the most damage and good luck to everyone taking part!

Compet: Let's find a fight

This month arena battles has had a major update! It is now a great deal easier to find arena battles, you can now select a number or battle packs to search in the background as you manage your village.

Before you could be searching for hours on flicking between battle packs and not finding anyone, but now this option allows you to find people a lot easier. This feature will make the game run smoother from the players perspective when it comes to actually finding a battle.

As for other competitors in the current marketplace, pokemon go is going threw a big hype and during this period it would not be a great idea to market Compets.

There have been some questions regarding when deed holders will start receiving Compet deed revenue payouts, an official statement states:
"Payment of ComPet Deed revenue share to Deed Holders will commence once ComPet leaves the Beta stage. To those who are playing ComPet Open Beta, we thank you all for your continuing feedback!"
But with no sign of an official release date being announced, the date of the first deed payment is an unknown factor.

VR: Getting plugged in

This month Mindark announced that it is optimizing the Entropia Universe platform to fully support the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2, Valve and HTC's SteamVR and other immersive Virtual Reality platforms.

Entropia Universe will provide developers with solutions for monetizing a wide variety of virtual games and applications in addition to its own award winning multi-planet MMORPG universe.

David Simmonds, Entropia Universe head of business development stated:
"With Facebook's Acquisition of Oculus and Valve producing its own immersive experience with HTC, Virtual Reality is on the threshold of becoming the great entertainment medium of the new millennium." 

Monday 1 August 2016

Issue 7: More Daily Tokens


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
New Daily Token Mission: Lost Equipment
Explosive Projectiles: Explosive Debate
Sweat reaching a PED

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

New Daily Token Mission: Lost Equipment

Stronger characters know that the gauntlet rewards lower level players with daily tokens, and being above a certain level yields none. On the Argonaut Island north of Camp Icarus at the Research Outpost there is a new daily mission.

The first mission is a simple mission, kill 25 Argonauts then the leaders above ground, then rescue the scientists from the cave on the island.
These Argonauts are a lower level of 3 to 4 and quite easy to dispatch, the mission reward is a small amount of universal ammo.

The next mission found here will be for the daily tokens and can be taken every 24 hours, It is recommended that a person is armoured and has a decent gun if going solo or a small team. You will find that the Argonauts will now be level 5 and a lot harder to take down.

The goals of the mission is to clear the cave of Argonauts and find some lost research equipment.

Explosive Projectiles: Explosive Debate

Lets have a look at the explosive projectile blueprint, I have been avoiding this article for months, mainly because it is already currently a big debate in the community for a long time.

For the last few years the explosive blueprint has not contributed to the general player based economy of Entropia, at one point in history these blueprints required materials acquired by the miners of Entropia, today you will find that the blueprint only required Nanocubes brought from the trade terminal.

Even though the explosive projectiles hits the hall of fame quite often which seem to draw new player to try hit the big one, the actual chances of this is very slim, leaving a lot of newer players in dismay.

I recommenced to use the explosive blueprint to grind skills and acquiring low level blueprints more than to make a profit. I have seen people with 90% success rate gets an actual return of about 70% at trade terminal value. With explosive projectiles never selling for above 101% this leaves a ton of people losing out.

Explosive weapons are also in a short supply, leaving hardly any demand for the ammo type.

Sweat reaching a PED

The lack of demand for vibrant sweat is causing the prices to constantly hit a new low every few weeks, this is one of many topic which is over discussed within the community for years, even I myself remember the sweat prices drop from 12 PED per K to 6 PED almost overnight after the mind force was removed temperately to today where prices can be just over a PED for a K. Even though the amount of sweat acquired per "Grab" has been lowered to alleviate this with no success.

The main reason for this is down to the fact that new players are constantly arriving creating more supply without an equal raising demand. An new players are the bread and butter for a games survival.

The original idea of vibrant sweat was to allow people to set their own value on the item itself, and with no demand and an over abundance of vibrant sweat it is relatively easy to acquire for a small price.

As the future goes on, unless there are major implementation for a higher consumption of vibrant sweat in the general populous, vibrant sweat prices will continue to fall... as for dropping below a PED in price, who knows, I think we may see that sooner than you think.

Friday 1 July 2016

Issue 6: Eomon hunting season!


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
Eomon: Pheromone Reading Peaking Across Calypso
Building The Future: The next stage of Plot Ownership
ComPet: Approaching Open Beta

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

Eomon: Pheromone Reading Peaking Across Calypso

Current CDF readings of the Eomon pheromones are peaking across the northern continent of Eudoria leading in to the migration of Longtooth and Eomon. The annual Eomon migration period is here and the current CDF map of the migration pattern has been released.

The data predicts that the Longtooth Migration Path will be slightly altered this year. Aside from these small changes, forecasts indicate that the Longtooth migration will continue as normal. The Eomons are the giants of Calypso. Their annual migration pattern on the continent of Eudoria has been recorded since at least 2005 but Xenobiologist's are yet to conclude further information about this event or the purpose of this migration.

The RDI Xenobiologist at the Minopolis Science tent is accepting Eomon Blood Samples in exchange for limited weapon amplifiers, to help in the further research the Eomons and the cause and effects of the migration process. New Iron, Bronze and Silver missions are now available for Eomon and Longtooth and can be found at Iron Mission Terminals at cities, settlements and outposts all around Planet Calypso.

 Eomon Migration Comic
Click here for the official web comic

This year Entropiazine will be tracking and reporting on the migration as it happens, visit for the daily reports.

Building The Future: The next stage of Plot Ownership

Within the last 48 hours we have had an exciting development for the plot holders on Planet Calypso, information has been released on how the possibility to become virtual land developers and build their own centres of production and supply!

Currently 3 settlements exist and can be found at Southern Ithaca (70886, 85778), Livas (66449, 85449) and Isle of Troy (80232, 66387)

The user interface will let you choose, preview and place your constructions on a grid. At this point you’ll be able to review all building costs. Once you’re totally happy you can proceed with the transaction, at which point you’ll be shown the construction time. Constructions are can be upgraded, outlying walls may boast elegant arches, gates and pillars, allowing you to modernise and improve your builds! Currently only one type of house is available, but this is merely the beginning.
You can also start again at any point by demolishing the building and regaining roughly 50% of your initial investment, which can then be used on your next build!

Grow Your Business:
Another feature to be added will be the possibility of creating a vegetable garden after building your house. This will enable you to become a producer of organic goods and a major player in the supply chain. You will literally be able to ‘grow’ your own business!

Village Development:
As a property owner you are also a citizen of a village and the development of village life will be the focus of future. Being a responsible village citizen will have a positive effect on the village community as a whole. This communal dimension will be a new aspect on planet Calypso.

We are now certainly reaching the end of the colonisation phase and even though Calypso will always be getting new colonists, we are now moving into the a whole new settlement and civilisation phase on Calypso.

Calypso Summer Strongboxes 2016!

It is start of the summer time in Calypso, with the usual summer time hunting buzz and all new summer strong boxes available on the web store. The summer strongboxes contain the same as the classified strongboxes plus a few extra new rare rings will be available. Unique Rings will drop only once ever, so buy your Classified Strongbox at the Entropia Universe Webshop now!

ComPet: Approaching Open Beta

Since the ComPet Closed Beta period began it has provided the ComPet development team with a wealth of valuable testing data and user feedback. This has resulted in significant improvements to the overall stability and game play of the ComPet experience.

ComPet is scheduled to transition to an extended open beta phase within a matter of weeks, with an eye toward further design and balance refinements, the further testing and polishing will be in preparation for the full release. This phase will be open to the general public meaning the system will no longer be wiped and transactions in the ComPet Shop will be open. There is still currently very little information about how this game will be linked to the pet system in Entropia, but I would assume that we will soon find out.

The product development and marketing budgets for ComPet were fully financed via ComPet deeds.
Unexpectedly is has been released that nearly all of the coding of the ComPet infrastructure and client was outsourced, meaning that MindArk’s developers have continued to focus on improving Entropia Universe threw this time, and acording to MindArk's press release the Entropia Universe and Calypso teams have even grown since the ComPet project began.

It would be expect that ComPet development will continue long after this phase, so expect the future of ComPet's to have a ton of new pet's lined upped in future releases.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Issue 5: Compet Beta.


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
Compet: Deed prices and beta released.
President of Virtual Reality: Complaints about the election.
Hunting Season.

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

Compet: Deed prices and beta released.

This month has been a mixed month for the Compet game. The release date was held back seven days before the beta testing period of the game, although it is not the first time the date has been held back. In the last week deed prices went up on the web store from 100 to 120 PED per deed, a number of shop owners not knowing would of been a bit slow in reacting resulting in flash sales and at a loss compared to the new market price. Currently the deeds can not be brought from the web store while the close beta is running, the deeds can still be brought on the auction currently around 130 PED each.

The general reception of the game in beta is quite good overall, and if Mindark marketing goes well, Compet can become a great pet fighting game in years to come. Currently the game has inactive moment when it comes to battling other players, but this is due to the game being in beta and will have a limited user base. There has been a few small complained about equality of battle for newer creatures and the speed it takes for a player to level up their creatures.

Originally it was intended that Compet would be a close beta for the deed holders only, but anyone with the link to the beta game currently has access to it, as it is not currently not linked to Entropia anyone can sign up and play using an email account or Facebook, and a number of places have posted its download link location publicly.

In the ComPet Shop, players have the ability to increase their PED balance through real-cash deposits. Deposited PED can then be exchanged for gold and diamonds in ComPet. Gold and diamonds are ‘soft currencies’: they do not represent real-world monetary value. It is perfectly possible to play ComPet using only the soft currencies.

President of Virtual Reality: The people's thoughts.

This month has been a hard month for Jon Jacob Neverdie, many have slammed him and the election process in Entropia, leading many to think this was a self proclamation. Many people in the forums of Entropia have complained about the process of election, complaining that originally all voting process should of been handled in game with the old voting booths and that it was originally intended for deeds holders. Many people question the process and authenticity of the election and many people have complained about the fact that they could not put their money forward themselves to be apart of the process, along with the other two contenders having effectively zero information about their own campaign.

Jon Jacob Neverdie created an open post on Entropia forum to be slammed by the many people and their view on the teleporter charge along with other complaints about Entropia economy in general. Neverdie has........ A number of the older Entropians have even talked about boycotting Rocktropia altogether. The small amount of player who have decided to boycotting Rocktropia would have a very small to no effect on Rocktropia economy.

Other than talking to the Entropians, Neverdie has been on a press tour around about his campaign for creating jobs in virtual reality, a small amount of press has appeared about this, but not much in the way of headlining. A number of press articles exist just equally dismissing his claims for virtual jobs as a pipe dream at the cost of the average player.

Hunting Season.

This month Icarus was overrun by Marcimex deep from underground. The subterranean terrors have never been seen above ground! Sightings have even been reported from as far out as Jurra Plateau and around Twin Peaks. Many people hunted these creatures until they have now returned to their underground lair.

It is just over a month away until the migration season and many people are getting geared up to hunt the Eomons and Longtooths while they migrate. Keep a close eye on CDF pheromone reports of the migration paths.

Here is a recap of 2015 migration:

67912, 83266 - Young.
67564, 83554 - Old.
66972, 83944 - Providers
66456, 83972 - Guardians

Eomon youngs
87767, 79922 - Young.
87877, 79833 - Young, mature and old.
87864, 79937 - Provider and guardian.
87854, 79846 - Old alpha.
87879, 79794 - Stalkers.

Within the next month we are expecting CDF pheromone report, and if anything is made public within the next month, you will hear about it here.

Sunday 1 May 2016

Issue 4: Guess whos back


A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this month's publication of Entropiazine:
Entropia Market: What can happened in the year?
Compets: Ten days way from release!
Robot wars: What has happened to Orthos oil field?
President of Virtual Reality: The future of Entropia.

Author: [Felix Zell Shallow]

Entropia Market: What has happened in a year?

The Deed Market:

The last year has been and interesting year for the market prices of some of the items in the Entropia Universe. The webstore have finally sold out of Arkadia underground deeds (AUD) this year, and as expected the prices went up.

It has been two years since the web store opened for the sale of 200,000 deeds to the general public, originally each deed would of cost 50 PED on the web store, offering the ability to earn 5% of Arkadia Undergrounds profits divided between 200,000 deeds. After the final deeds were sold, the price instantly went up on the auction over night to 75 PED. Since then the price has slowly dropped back down to a steady 60 PED.

Arkadia is not the only deed to do well this year, Calypso land deeds have gone up in value by 130 PED since last year due to the land grab on the original deeds. Once a player has 10 Calypso land deeds, they can claim a property on calypso, adding an (X) on the end of the deed. These deed will still continue to produce revenue but will be lower in price on the auction by about 100 PED.

As for Compets, we are yet to see the pricing and payout times, the speculation is that it will be weekly payout just like the Calypso land deed. Just like Arkadia and Calypso before, the price on the auction will only be a two or three PEDs above the web shop price, and I would assume just like the other deeds before it, that when the web shop runs out, I expect the price to rise up to about 120 PED.

The Consumer Market:

Force nexus, mind essence, and sweat have remained a steady price over the year. The current acceptable average price for swear is 1.7 PED per K among the sellers, but remember that anyone who sweats for a few PED is always looking for a few pec extra. A few people take advantage of desperate players looking for a quick sale to resell, and some players are willing to pay 2.0 PED per K.

Here is a bit of advice from an older player who remembers when sweat was 12 PED per K, this market is all supply and very little demand. If you sweat enough the buyers will come to you, older players looking to buy sweat know where the newer players hang out, so keep you eye out for the best buying price when sweating and sell for that price. The more you have from waiting, the better the PED you get over all from sweating.

Nutrio Bars have been sold the 260%-300% markup, costing almost 3 times the TT price, we are yet to see what happens after the android app is released in 10 days, currently everyone is stuffing their pets to have a funky companion anticipating whats to come next. The street price of fruit can be between 13ped - 15.5ped per K. The sweetstuff markup has remain very steady around 116% on auction over the last year.

Oil had a week of low sales, as low as 40.47 PED sold in one week this month causing the 110% price hike a few week ago, the price has returned to the usual 104-105%, with the robot invasion at Orthos oil field having very little to no effect on the market price compared to last year.

Robot wars: What happened to Orthos oil field?

After hearing a few whispers from here and there about there being no more oil line at the small rig without killing robot, I just had to investigate...

When I departed from Entropia last year, there only was the odd scouting robot attacking the famous line at the oil rig, before that, only other players attacked now and again, with the older and stronger characters protecting the line, it was no problem at all.

Suddenly the oil rig was attacked by a swarm of a slightly heavier class of robot. The robots built their own rigging structure, and today oil is only acquired from the rig by killing these robots. The protecting player and the riggers could not hold off the robot invasion leaving the oil field to the robots.

This major change has not had any effect on oil prices, and as with the flux of new colonist that will be arriving from Compets, new player will have to go back to earning skills and sweating.

 President of Virtual Reality: The future of Entropia.

You may not know it yet, but "Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs" has set into motion a number of plans to be implemented by 2020!

"Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs’ Plan to Create 3 Million Jobs with ‘Public Transport’ IPO. Job Creation Strategy Includes Revolutionary Model to Recruit Gamers to Combat Artificial Intelligence, Introduce Minimum Wage Standards in Virtual Worlds, Privatize the Public Transport System and Launch a VR Stock Exchange." -
So what does these implemented jobs entail you may ask? As far as details, we do not know, but here is what we do know. NEVERDIE wishes to make a privatized transport system and in doing so by 2020 all free teleportations via the teleporters scatter across Entropia must be paid for in transport tokens, which will be constructed. This will open some opportunities, a new crafting item, more chanced for private transport hire, and a public transport system, paid for by via a minimum digital wage provided from the transport funds.

Things start to get a bit hazy over info behind the construction and conscription system. 25% of the funds will used to support the war against AI, which to me sounds like a funky addition to the hunting system, where you can get paid per hour to do protect teleporter constructor and repair teams and kill robots invading the area.

That is not all, NEVERDIE intends to also bring out a public transport share for the new transport system, and to usher in an old concept that was never quite implemented before on Entropia, the stock exchange! People will be able to buy and sell stock in Entropia, and not only in game but in another new app. The details on this are also vague, and it will be interesting to see if this will make an improvement over the already existing auction.

Finally, and the most complicated of all, NEVERDIE wishes to make Entropia cross platform by creating plug ins for games and worlds developed on a variety of graphic engines, including Unreal, Unity and Lumberyard and emerging Augmented Reality applications using HoloLens or Magic Leap that might otherwise stand alone.

I do not know about anyone else, but feel sorry for the other unknown contenders. I knew for sure that NEVERDIE would win the votes, he is the most well known avatar in Entropia, ever since NEVERDIE became a legend in 2008 for mortgaging his house to buy 'Club NEVERDIE' now known as 'FOMA' and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most valuable virtual item ever owned costing $635,000. After a year he had profited on his investment and paid back his mortgaging. NEVERDIE later sold FOMA and established NEVERDIE studios and which is the owner Rocktropia.

Compets: Ten days away until release!

With the release of Compets in just 10 days, everyone is very eager to find out what the game will be like. Mindark have made quite a few comments about Compets during its development, and a ton of information about the game can be taken from the screen shots of the gameplay footage.

This is the information I know about what we should be expecting. Each player will own their own village which can be raided by other players as stated by Mindark. In the screen shot above we can see the set up and speculate what we can expect. Along the top from the center to the right, we have 3 forms of resources, gems, PEDs and gold. In the top left we have the players rank or level with the protection time from the next raid, under that I would assume to be pets and max pets. The bottom left looks like quests, achievements, and battle. The bottom right looks like statistics, friends and a prize or shop button. Behind this building we can see a building icon in the village, plots can be built. I can assume that one of the buildings will be used to generate gold because of the maximum gold resource at the top.

Here we can see 3 types of battle modes, we already know about raiding and arenas, I am going to take a guess that forest mode is like training, fighting wild animals. There is not much I can say about the battle sequence itself, other than it looks to be a turn based arena style game. We have yet to see raid mode and forest mode. 

From this image we know that we will be able to buy combat skills from the library in game. We can not tell if this will be a building constructed in game or a menu. But what we can tell is a few of the statistics that the creatures will have in game. Each skill will have a cool down time and some skills will cost mana. There will also be stamina, which seems to be one of the factors to victory.

One thing I do know for sure is there are quite a lot of people looking forward to fighting their pets which have followed them around in Entropia for a while. There is not much news about arenas within Entropia but hopefully as soon as the app is released, the arenas should open too!

The social stuff...

I set up a Facebook page ages ago and never mentioned it, share, subscribe, like, jellybean:

I know some of you have missed me, and its thanks to the people who have spoken to me in game and left comments that I am back here. It is good to be back, and I look forward to writing next months issue and battling some people with spike my pet sapphire devil!

Saturday 9 April 2016

A public personal letter.

Hello Everyone,

I have noticed a number of people still viewing my original posts from long time ago, A big thank you to everyone who still views Entropia-Zine. Sorry this is not my usual format here on Entropia-Zine.

Entropia has been in my heart for a long long time, especially Calypso, for a while now I have only been able to get on in short bursts here and there thanks to my close friends with Entropia installed, and via the google play app on my phone. (They need to add a split/join stack function on that thing, but that's for another time.)

Talking about google play app...

"Available from May 10 2016, 10.00 UTC"

Only a month to go until I get to play it! Yay! Also have you seen about that online wedding going down on Arkadia on the signs? Oh and the robots invading the small rig, that could be the reason for the oil prices to going up from 104% to 108% since I have been away... Who knows? Anyway I am getting of topic...

Now I am back I am looking to restart where I left off once I get my footing in Entropia again. Since I have been away I have thought of new things that would make a good new additions to Entropia-Zine. I will keep everyone post of further Developments.

Thanks again to everyone,
   - Felix :3