An in-world styled lore based website focused around the game-play aspect of Entropia specifically focusing on the Corinthian region on the continent of Eudoria on Calypso.
Each page on this site contains nuggets of information on missions and the lore on planet Calypso.
Featuring a great road map of the area including teleporter and estate locations.

There is two Cheapskates Paradise shops located on planet Calypso owned by JD Araknis Black.
The Cheapskates Paradise general store is located in the Twin Peaks Mall, 3rd Floor, Shop 8.
The Cheapskates Paradise mining supply store is located in Cape Corinth Market, booth 14.

This general stores is relatively new to Cape Corinth's marketplace containing a mixture stock.
Resources are purchased when the market prices are low and locked in at a low price at this shop. When the market prices rise, crafters and resellers are able to get resources at a cheap price.
Cape Market Resources is located at Cape Corinth Market.

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