News 2019

Recent: Alien Creatures In Space Transport Crash On Calypso
A cargo ship was forced into making an emergency landing near west of Minopolis today with cargo which is deemed dangerous for the ecosystem by the Colonial Xenobiology Institute.

Recent: Codex Released and Shares Trading 
Today the citizens were handed a new Codex system today containing information on the creatures they have killed, along with a new ranking system based on contribution.

Recent: Update from the Colonial Xenobiology Institute
The Colonial Xenobiology Institute has reported on the update of the locations of the Daspletor and Cornoanterion that are slowly damaging the ecosystem.

Recent: With The Migration Season Over...
The Longtooth and the mighty Eomon have completed their voyage across the plains of the Eudorian continent on Calypso once again, and now many hunters will now return to their usual pray.

The New Mission System
This week MindArk announced that in this years third quarter there will be a massive mission system overhaul, implementing a whole new mission system.

Calypso Wildlife In A Violent Rage
For over a month now the planet’s creatures have been exposed to the potent Eomon pheromone, these pheromones are known by scientist to be strength inducing.

The Eomon And The Mul
Peak pheromone activity have been detected at the Calypso Defence Force monitoring stations at Oseres, Nymphtown and Fort Ithaca.

Catch up on 2019 (First Quarter)
Deep token project dropped by MindArk, Swedish loot box law changes, announcement of Crystal Palace deeds and user interface update.

MindArk Q&A Speculation
MindArk conducts public Q&A session, suspected auction and society interface update. Hunting, mining, crafting & space updates.

New PED Earning Site
A new item trading and PED earning web site recently become publicly available. Like many earning websites, you can complete tasks to earn PED. 

Cyrene Delay In Update
The latest version update has been delayed on Cyrene, but expect the revamping of the entire starter experience on planet Cyrene and mentoring armour to come soon.

Toulan New Tokens And New Weapons
New Toulan Mirsal Token which will be utilised for various activities, an overall step by step fix to Toulan's beginner experience, and vibrant sweat has been added to the CUHOF Keys Blueprints.

Arkadia Moon Updates
At the end of January a total of "54,209" out of the original "200,000" moon deeds are left on the webstore, since then the Arkadia team have focused on content surrounding the moon, introducing quite a few extra hunting missions and story.

Crystal Palace Shares
Currently the prices of the shares are set to cost 10 PED each during the starting period, and a total of 500,000 share are up for sale. The fund earned will go to the current land area owner "Buzz Erik Lightyear".

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