News in 2020


Every year around the same time, we see the massive Eomons migrating along the continent of Eudoria on planet Calypso. The Eomon are the giants of Calypso. Their annual migration across the continent of Eudoria... Read More


In the last few minor updates, we have seen changes in the tiering system, and the removal of the tiering skill in the crafting system, in the latest release further modification have been made to the tiering, enhancers and crafting system... Read More

In this versions update for Entropia, memory usage will be will be capped at 4 GB for texture, models, animations and partial effects. Several server have also been optimised... Read More


An event has been added in a recent update to the Entropia 2020 Olympics, also know as the Entrolympics, the introduction of the society vs society fruit finding event... Read More


Robot Mayhem
In the last few weeks there has been an intense fight between the robot forces and volunteer colonists at numerous locations on the Eudorian continent on planet Calypso... Read More

Monria Event: Crawling Chaos
It was recently learned that yet another entity from Azathoth's lineage has emerged from the shadows on Monria, and while he masquerades in human form, Nyarlathotep... Read More


Calypso Robot Offensive
The Calypso Research and Defence Institute has released a report stating there has been an increased in activity in the robot subterranean base matrix network and increased... Read More

Recent: Next Island Shares
Next Island has announced a redevelopment of Ancient Greece and the release of Ancient Greece shares. The shares are the second to be listed on the exchange at... Read More

Monria Saint Patrick's Day Event
On the 14th and the 15th of march planet Monria is hosting one of its biggest Saint Patrick's Events ever! Wear your best green, orange and white clothing and have some fun... Read More

Due to a shortage of technological components effecting the smaller colonies on Calypso, Consul Tiberius Calderon, the consul appointed by Omegaton, will be... Read More


Year Long Event: Monria Born Field Trips
Each month a field trip is conducted to other planets for people born on Monria. The Monrian Born Program guides new people through the other planets beginner missions... Read More

Maffoids CDF Warnings
Once again the coming-of-age ritual of the Maffoids is upon us. The Calypso Defence Force is urging colonists to be extra careful over the coming weeks... Read More

Valentines Day on Monria
It was 3 years ago just before Valentine's Day that the annual ritual of the Shubs was discovered, which required a human sacrifice to Yog-Sothoth... Read More


Year Long Event: Entrolympic Events 2020
The Entrolympic Events 2020, more commonly called "EE20", is an monthly tournament spanning across the year, up until the end of December 2020... Read More

Viral video on Entropia Universe
Expect an influx of new colonists to Entropia Universe in the next coming few months as new video relating to Entropia Universe on YouTube gets 142k views in the first week of uploading... Read More

News from December 2019

10 Years Analysis Of The Animal Oil Market
The current cost of construction is very low in almost all of the animal oil markets, and most of the commonly used animal oils have been very stable at a low cost for bulk amounts for years.

VU17: Tiering and enhancers update in December
In the upcoming update several changes and improvements will be made to the item tiering and enhancers systems to make it cheaper and easier to use.

VU17: Graphical update in December
The upcoming release scheduled for early December will include the biggest visual update since the switch to the CryEngine, this update will greatly improve processing of light and colours.

VU17: DirectX 10 fallback support
In one of the better decision MindArk has made since any of the graphical updates is the back support for systems with hardware not compatible with Direct X 11.

VU17: Gameplay Updates
Some less well known updates to the game play elements have been added in the version update along with the graphical update and the new tool tier system.

News from before December 2019

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