Wednesday 1 April 2015

Issue 3: Land changes and new pets!

A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this week publication of Entropiazine:
Land: Recent changes on the map.
Wildlife: New and rare pets to tame.
A chance to win 10 PED!

The recent changes to land on Calypso!

In the last month there has been a major overhaul of Camp Icarus and Corinth Province to the north. Camp Icarus has now been terraformed to be more convenient, you no longer have to run around massive metal crates up a hill to get to the outpost. The land surround the teleporter and the teleporter itself has been raised up to allow easy of access to the outpost.

The landing platforms at Camp Icarus beach are now open to the public. The ability to place your air vehicles on the landing platforms at the beach south of Camp Icarus will allow for a slight better take off for south bound flight, as Camp Icarus outpost itself is still a no vehicle zone.

To the north of Calypso, new people looking for half moon bay maybe slightly confused as the Half Moon Bay teleporter has now been relocated to the south, the old Half Moon Bay teleporter is now Half Moon Cove.

In last months issue of Entropiazine there was a tutorial for new people looking for free ammo, you would now need to go to Half Moon Cove to Cape Corinth to find the easy quests for free universal ammo along the road.

All new pets to tame on Calypso!

New animals have been discovered which has been the buzz for all the tamers on Calypso. Three new creatures have been seen just north west of the Atlantis Archipelago teleporter. The Atlantis Archipelago teleporter can be found south of Port Atlantis, The best way to travel there is by air, as it is a very long swim. A boat could also get you to the destination.

Simply travel north of the teleporter until you hit the beach at the other end of the island, then follow the beach east. The first animal you will see is the Corinthian Kanin, a rabbit like creature. Misleading in name, one would think you would find this creature closer to Cape Corinth by its name.

This animal is the easy one to tame of the three creature to discover in this area. Slightly harder to tame than a Bristlehog but still relativity easy.

Further up north from the Corinthian Kanin are the Eudorian Devil and Chirin Dragon. These two creatures are slightly harder to tame.

There are also rare shiny version of these pets, the Corinthian Kanin comes in a silver. The Eudorian Devil and the Chirin Dragon comes in sapphire.

A chance to win 10 PED!

Anyone who knows me in Entropia Universe know how I love making PED, but more than most I love to help the people who help me make PED and share the love. Due to the small success of Entropiazine over the first few months, I wanted to give back to the avid readers who contact me and tell me I am doing a good job and to keep it up, To those people, I thank you for helping me to keep motivated in the making of this magazine.

In return I wish to create a free to raffle for all my readers to enter for the chance to win 10 PED in Entropia Universe.

To enter the raffle all you need to do is click the link above and enter the name of your avatar. The winner will be picked randomly at the end of the month and contacted on Entropia Universe. The raffle will be drawn on the 1st May 2015 at 00:00 GMT.

From me [Zell Felix Shallow] good luck to everyone who enters the raffle.

Want to share your story with Entropiazine?

At this current moment in time Entropiazine has been based on Calypso, but now Entropiazine is expanding out, if you wish to submit your own story to Entropiazine, it might end up in next months issue of Entropiazine. To submit your story click the link below: