Thursday 18 April 2019

Event: Easter Mayhem 2019

The Calypso Defence Force once again needs your help against the robot enemy!

The last few weeks have seen intense fighting between Robot forces and colonist at numerous locations on the continent Eudoria on Planet Calypso.

The fighting, part of a tactical strike against the robots, has allowed the Research and Development Institute to secure a hackable base matrix node.

In order to retrieve information from the node essentially all that needs to be done is to place an Research and Development Institute data interceptor above it and let the machine extract the information. The robots have already attacked and destroyed several data interceptors in the field.

The Calypso Defence Force needs your help to protect the data interceptor installation!

The Data Interceptor needs to stay intact for as long as possible. The robots are throwing waves of Evicerators, Spider Bombers, Defenders, Warlocks and Warriors against each data interceptor.

The Research and Development Institute cannot stress the importance of this mission enough and are willing to teleport any colonist volunteer from anywhere in Entropia Universe to the data interceptor’s location.

Robot Data For Mining Mission

As an extra bonus, the Research and Development Institute reports that new "Robot Data Fragments" have been salvaged by the data interceptor and can be found in robot loot. The Research and Development Institute deem these Data Fragments as crucial to their ongoing research and are willing to trade them for previously classified mining missions.

These mining missions offer a chance to uncover hidden "Robot Cache Strongboxes". The Robot Cache Strongboxes in turn are known to contain schematics for valuable high-end mining tools, among other items.

Time, Place, Category

Apr. 17, 08:00 UTC - Easter Mayhem 2019 begins.
Apr. 29, 13:00 UTC - Easter Mayhem 2019 ends.
May 06 - Final event results announced. Prizes awarded in the following days.

You can select the category in the Global Events window to participate:

Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4Category 5
Prof. levelBelow 25Below 35Below 45Below 55Below 65
HP Cap120130160175190
Max Base DPS3448607482
Category 6Category 7Category 8Category 9Category 10
Prof. levelBelow 75Below 85Below 95Below 105105 Plus
HP Cap220260300340Unlimited
Max Base DPS9098104110Unlimited

Easter Mayhem Prizes

Prizes in Easter Mayhem are awarded in the form of Mayhem Tokens, which can also be looted from event creatures in this and other Mayhem-style events. Mayhem Tokens can be exchanged for exclusive items via the Mayhem Token Trader, located in Cape Corinth, Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks on Planet Calypso.

Mayhem Tokens can be accumulated over the course of several events to purchase more expensive items, allowing participants to make incremental progress toward their desired rewards.

Mayhem Tokens are can not be traded between people, but the items available for purchase in the Mayhem Token Vendor can be traded. Note that certain Mayhem Token Vendor items may also require special Placement Mayhem Tokens, awarded as event prizes, in order to be purchased.

Defence Mahem:

  • Defend the Data Interceptor from increasingly powerful robot attackers. A round consists of 10 waves, with a short pause between rounds with access to temporary Trade and Repair Terminals.
  • Defence times are automatically recorded and displayed on the event leader board.
  • One Easter Strongbox is awarded for every completed round (10 waves).
  • Mayhem Tokens and Robot Data Fragments are awarded after every round, the rewards are increased for every consecutive round finished. After every completed 5th wave a Mayhem Token is awarded as well.
  • The top ten highest scorers (longest defence time) in each category win prizes.

Annihilator Mayhem:

  • Interact with the Data Interceptor inside the Annihilation event instance to begin spawning creatures and start the mission timer; the timer pauses automatically when leaving the instance.
  • Eliminate Mayhem Robots to accumulate as many points as possible in 10 hours.
  • A random number of points (0, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 5000) is automatically awarded after defeating one of the event instance creatures.
  • Once your 10-hour run is complete, your score is finalised and recorded on the event leader board. You can then start a new run to try to improve upon your previously-recorded rank. The score from a subsequent run is only recorded if it would result in a higher leader board rank.
  • You can only have a recorded score in a single category at a time. Recording a new score with a higher leader board rank (regardless of category) will replace any previously-recorded score.
  • The top ten highest scorers (most accumulated points) in each category win prizes.

Rules And Notes

This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

It is possible for participants to abandon the Annihilation mission and restart the event. In order to prevent excessive use of this feature and to protect the fairness of the event, any participant who abandons the Annihilation mission more than 3 times will be considered disqualified from the event and ineligible for prizes.

Bypassing or attempting to bypass any of the event instance entry or item restrictions will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

Anyone found using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage or to win prizes in multiple categories or divisions will forfeit all prizes and risk additional sanctions on their Entropia Universe account(s), including potential account termination.


Friday 12 April 2019

Guide: Refining List

Here is a list of all possible refinements in Entropia Universe, in alphabetical order of refined material. The amounts needed depends on the refinement recipe, note that the requirement of each refinement is unique to the recipe, and the refiner will not refine less than the minimal amount needed.

To search this list quickly, if you are a PC user, you can press "CTRL-F" to search, if you a mobile user, tap on the "..." button in the corner of your mobile internet browser and tap on "Find in page...".

Refined MaterialRaw Material
Aakas PlatingAakas Alloy
Aarkan PolymerAarkan Pellets
Adomasite IngotAdomasite Stone
Aetherex LeatherAetherex Skin
Alferix IngotAlferix Stone
Alicenies GelAlicenies Liquid
Alien Biogenic GelAnimal Adrenal Oil
Alien Acid
Alien Blood
Alien Resin Fluid
Aurli Larva
Warren's Claw
Dread's Bonepiece
Unruly's Dense Plate
Bell's Chitin Scales
Dotty's Fangs
Bram's Shock Flesh
Alkar LatticeAlkar Crystals
Allophyl LeatherAllophyl Skin
Alternative IngotAlternative Rock
Ambulimax DNA SamplesAmbulimax Hair
Ambulimax Skin
Ambulimax Thigh Bone
DNA Fragment A
DNA Fragment E
Ambulimax LeatherAmbulimax Skin
Angelic FlakesAngelic Grit
Antimagnetic OilFerrum Nuts
Aqeeq IngotAqeeq Stone
Araneatrox LeatherAraneatrox Skin
Arekite IngotArekite Stone
Ares PowderAres Head
Argonaut DNA samplesArgonaut Bone
Argonaut Claw Big
Argonaut Claw Small
Argonaut Fang
DNA Fragment C
Argonaut LeatherArgonaut Skin
Arkace VeneerArkace Timber
Arkadian Hornet LeatherArkadian Hornet Hide
Armax (cow) DNA SamplesArmax Cow Tail
Armax Large Horn
Armax Plate
Armax Small Horn
DNA Fragment A
DNA Fragment B
Armax LeatherArmax Skin
Atrax DNA SamplesAtrax Bone
Atrax Claw
Atrax Eye
Atrax Jaw
Atrax Skin
DNA Fragment C
Atrax LeatherAtrax Skin
Atrox DNA SamplesAtrox Bone
Atrox Claw
Atrox Eye
Atrox Fang
DNA Fragment C
Atrox LeatherAtrox Skin
Aurilinin GelAlien Blood
Aurli Shock Flesh
Diluted Sweat
Gold Stone
Lumis Leach
Azzurdite IngotAzzurdite Stone
Bahri Claw TipsBahri Claw
Bahri LeatherBahri Hide
Balancing AgentSongtil Agent
Banite IngotBanite Stones
Beladoth DNA CartridgeBeladoth Foot
Beladoth Eye
Beladoth Brain
Beladoth Spine
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 5
Beladoth LeatherBeladoth Hide
Belkar IngotBelkar Stone
Berycled DNA SamplesBerycled Claw
Berycled Sails
Berycled Skin
Berycled Skull
DNA Fragment A
Berycled LeatherBerycled Skin
Bigwig VeneerShort Bigwig Board
Bigwig Board
Long Bigwig Board
Binary EnergyBinary Fluid
Binding EpoxyChemSet
Bismuth PlatingBismuth Fragment
Black Russian CocktailBlack Russian Cocktail Mix
Black Snake Skin ClothBlack Snake Skin Raw
Blausariam IngotBlausariam Stone
Blues IngotBlues Rock
Bodai FillerBodai Dust
Bokol DNA CartridgeBokol Skull Plate
Bokol Mandible
Bokol Flesh
Bokol Long Bone
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 3
Bokol LeatherBokol Hide
Bombardo FlakesTransgen Bombardo
Angelic Flakes
Brass AlloyPart Of Brass Alloy
Brown Snake Skin ClothBrown Snake Skin Raw
Bronze AlloyPart Of Bronze Alloy
Caboria CordCaboria Clam
Caboria LeatherCaboria Hide
Caldorite IngotCaldorite stone
Carabok LeatherCarabok Hide
Caroot LubricantTransgen Caroot
Garcen Lubricant
Caudatergus LeatherCaudatergus Skin
Cersumon LeatherCersumon Skin
Chalinum AlloyNova Fragment
Crude Oil
Melchi Water
Animal Thyroid Oil
Dianum Ore
ChalmonDevil's Tail
Cheetah ClothCheetah Hide
Chomper ClothChomper Wool
Chomper LeatherChomper Hide
Cobalt IngotCobalt Stone
Cobaltium IngotNova Fragment
Basic Stone Extractor
Cobalt Stone
Durulium Stone
Color Enhancing AgentRainbow Crystal
Combibo LeatherCombibo Skin
Component GreaseDiluted Body Oil
Copper IngotCopper Stone
Coral Snake Skin ClothCoral Snake Skin Raw
Cordul IngotCordul Stone
Cornundacauda LeatherCornundacauda Skin
Cornundos LeatherCornundos Skin
Corria VeneerCorria Timber
Couger ClothCouger Hide
Crypto Hemp ClothCrypto Hemp Oil
Crypto Ganja Plant
Crypto Hemp OilCrypto Ganja Seeds
Crystal HoneyCrystal Pollen
Crystal Pede LeatherCrystal Pede Hide
Cumbriz IngotCumbriz Stone
Cyrenium IngotCyrenium Ore
Dahhar LeatherDahhar Hide
Daikiba ClothDaikiba Wool
Daikiba LeatherDaikiba Skin
Darkening AgentPurple Crystal
Dark Lysterium BarDark Lysterium
Decent Calcium CompoundBone
Decent Magnesium ComponentProtective Coating
Cracked Shell
Decent Protein StrainBone-out Meat
Super Adhesive
Diagen MatrixDiagen Firedrops
Dianthus Crystal PowderDianthus Liquid
Dianum IngotDianum Ore
Distilled Sweat CrystalNova Fragment
Force Nexus
Melchi Water
Diluted Sweat
Vibrant Sweat
Dromia LeatherDromia Hide
Dunkel PlastixDunkel Particle
Durulium IngotDurulium Stone
Edres VarnishEdres Resin
Elvis Dragon LeatherElvis Hide
Elysian Tech ChipBroken Elysian Technology
Energized Crystal CellEnergized Crystal
Energized FertilizerGrowth Molecules
Common Dung
Eomon LeatherEomon Skin
Erdorium IngotErdorium Stone
Erionite IngotErionite Stone
Exarosaur ClothExarosaur Wool
Exarosaur DNA SamplesDNA Fragment A
Exarosaur Neckbone
Exarosaur Skin
Exarosaur Skull
Exarosaur Tooth
Exarosaur LeatherExarosaur Skin
Fairuz IngotFairuz Stone
Faucervix LeatherFaucervix Skin
Feran LeatherFeran Hide
Fine LeatherFine Hide
Fine TextileFine Wool
Fire Root PelletFire Root Globule
Firn VeneerShort Firn Board
Firn Board
Long Firn Board
Fish OilShed Skreel Tail
Flesh Ripper LeatherFlesh Ripper Hide
Flint Arrow HeadPart Of Flint Arrow Head
Flint Axe HeadPart Of Flint Axe Head
Florican SprayFlorican Mist
Fly AmberPart Of Fly Amber
Folk IngotFolk Rock
Formidon LeatherFormidon Skin
Fossil AmmonitePart Of Fossil Ammonite
Fossil ToothPart Of Fossil Tooth
Foul Bone ButtonsFoul Bone
Foul LeatherFoul Skin
Frakite IngotFrakite Stone
Frescoquda LeatherFrescoquda Hide
Frigulerian DustNova Fragment
Magerian Mist
Acid Root
Typonolic Steam
Frigulite Stone
Frigulite IngotFrigulite Stone
Fugabarba LeatherFugabarba Skin
Galaurphite IngotNova Fragment
Blausariam Stone
Animal Thyroid Oil
Galvesperdite Ingot
Aumorphite Ingot
Galvesperdite IngotZinc Stone
Henren Stems
Adomasite Stone
Vesperdite Ore
Nova Fragment
Vibrant Sweat
Ganganite IngotGanganite Stone
Garcen LubricantGarcen Grease
Garcia Dragon LeatherGarcia Hide
Gazzurdite IngotGazzurdite Stone
Generic LeatherAnimal Hide
Ghali PowderGhali
Glam IngotGlam Rock
GMC Gamma LeatherGMC Gamma Hide
Gold IngotGold Stone
Good Calcium CompoundHardening Agent
Sothorite Ingot
Gorbek TallowGorbek Emulsion
Gradivore LeatherGradivore Skin
Gradivore TextileGradivore Wool
Green Snake Skin ClothGreen Snake Skin Raw
Grunge IngotGrunge Rock
Hadraada DNA CartridgeHadraada Skull Plate
Hadraada Mandible
Hadraada Flesh
Hadraada Long Bone
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 3
Hadraada LeatherHadraada Hide
Haimoros GelTransgen Haimoros
Alicenies Gel
Halix DNA CartridgeHalix Skull
Halix Eye
Halix Leg
Halix Mane
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 2
Halix LeatherHalix Hide
Hansidian IngotHansidian Rock
Hardening AgentBlue Crystal
Hard IngotHard Rock
Hareer ThreadQaz Worm
Harvey Wallbanger CocktailHarvey Wallbanger Cocktail Mix
Heating AgentRed Molten Crystal
Hebredite IngotHebredite Stones
Hekia VeneerHekia Timber
Hendrix Dragon LeatherHendrix Hide
Henren CubeHenren Stems
Hexra ElectroplateHexra Gems
High Grade Metal CompoundHigh Grade Scrap
Sothorite Ingot
High Grade ProcessorHigh Grade Motion Sensor
Darkening Agent
Himi IngotHimi Rock
Huon LeatherHuon Hide
Hurricane CocktailHurricane Cocktail Mix
Hydrogen GasHydrogen Steam
Ignisium IngotIgnisium Stone
Imperium CubeImperium Cube Component 1
Imperium Cube Component 2
Imperium Cube Component 3
Imperium Cube Component 4
Imperium Cube Component 5
InhalerVegatation Spores
Iolite IngotIolite Stone
Iridium IngotIridium Ore
Iron IngotIron Stone
Itumatrox LeatherItumatrox Skin
Jazz IngotJazz Rock
Jeef Core UnitJeef Nawa Core Part
Jeef Qaher LeatherJeef Qaher Hide
Jeef Zajer LeatherJeef Zajer Hide
Jellyworm LeatherJellyworm Hide
Joplin Dragon LeatherJoplin Hide
Jori LeatherJori Hide
Kadra LeatherKadra Hide
Kaisenite IngotKaisenite Stone
Kamaldon DNA CartridgeKamaldon Tongue
Kamaldon Bone Crest
Kamaldon Flesh
Kamaldon Tail Club
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 5
Kamaldon LeatherKamaldon Hide
Kamikaze CocktailKamikaze Cocktail Mix
Kanerium IngotKanerium Ore
Kaz IngotKaz Stones
Khaffash LeatherKhaffash Hide
Khorudoul PolymerKhorudoul Extrusion
Khorum PlatingKhorum Alloy
Kiana DNA CartridgeKiana Heart
Kiana Tail
Kiana Spine
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 4
Kiana Brain
Kiana LeatherKiana Hide
Kirtz IngotKirtz Stone
Kong MapKing Kong Map Fragment: Coast
King Kong Map Fragment: Hills
King Kong Map Fragment: Jungle
King Kong Map Fragment: Ocean
King Kong Map Fragment: Symbol
King Kong Map Fragment: X
King Kong Map Fragment: Legend
Korwil DNA CartridgeKorwil Heart
Korwil Tail
Korwil Brain
Korwil Spine
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 5
Korwil LeatherKorwil Hide
Langotz IngotLangotz Ore
Lanorium IngotLanorium Stone
Lahar Swamp InoculationCalamusoid Acid Discharge
Calamusoid Blubber
Calamusoid Bone
Calamusoid Skull
Leethiz IngotTananite Ore
Lemmy Dragon LeatherLemmy Hide
Lemmy Hemp ClothLemmy Hemp Oil
Lemmy Ganja Plant
Nuclear Ganja Plant
Lemmy Hemp OilLemmy Ganja Seeds
Leopard ClothLeopard Hide
Letomie LeatherLetomie Hide
Lidacon IngotLidacon Stones
Life EssenceGreen Crystal
Lightening AgentClear Crystal
Light LiquidLumis Leach
Light MailAngel Scales
Light Mind EssenceDiluted Sweat
Force Nexus
Long Island Ice Tea CocktailLong Island Ice Tea Cocktail Mix
Longu LeatherLongu Skin
Lotium GelLotium Fluid
Low Grade Metal CompoundLow Grade Scrap
Zorn Star Ingot
Low Grade Mother BoardLow Grade Electronic Component
Super Adhesive
Low Grade ProcessorLow Grade Motion Sensor
Hardening Agent
Lulu pearlLulu Stone
Lurker LeatherSwamp Lurker Hide
Lurker LubeSwamp Lurker Oil
Hardening Agent
Lysterium IngotLysterium Stone
Lystionite Steel IngotNova Fragment
Azzurdite Stone
Lysterium Stone
Iron Stone
Robot Weapon Grip
Lytairian PowderLytairian Dust
Madana DNA CartridgeMadana Skull
Madana Eye
Madana Leg
Madana Mane
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 3
Madana LeatherMadana Hide
Madusa Swamp InoculationCalamusoid Entrails
Lahar Swamp Inoculation
Maganite IngotMaganite Ore
Magerian SprayMagerian Mist
Magtonium DustPile of Jasper
Petonium Stone
Magerian Mist
Nova Fragment
Vibrant Sweat
Mai Tai CocktailMai Tai Cocktail Mix
Maladrite IngotMaladrite Stone
Mamnoon MistMamnoon
Maro IngotMaro Stone
Medical CompressBlood Moss
Medicinal Crypto GanjaCrypso Ganja Plant
Medicinal Lemmy PlantLemmy Ganja Plant
Medicinal Nuclear GanjaNuclear Ganja Plant
Medicinal Pop GanjaPop Ganja Plant
Medicinal Troll GanjaTroll Ganja Plant
Medicinal Vixen GanjaVixen Ganja Plant
Medicinal Zombie GanjaZombie Ganja Plant
Medium Grade Metal CompoundMedium Grade Scrap
Olerin Ingot
Medium Grade MotherboardMedium Grade Electronic Component
Life Essence
Medium Grade ProcessorMedium Grade Motion Sensor
Softening Agent
Megan IngotMegan Stone
Melatinum IngotMelatinum Stone
Melchi CrystalMelchi Water
Mermoth LeatherMermoth Skin
Merp DNA SamplesDNA Fragment B
Merp Horn
Merp Sails
Merp TextileMerp Wool
Midastree VeneerLong Midastree Board
Midastree Board
Miluca VeneerMiluca Timber
Mind EssenceForce Nexus
Vibrant Sweat
Mojito CocktailMojito Cocktail Mix
Molisk DNA SamplesMolisk Claw
Molisk Tooth
Molisk Skull
DNA Fragment B
DNA Fragment C
Molisk Enamel ButtonsMolisk Tooth
Monura Female LeatherMonura Female Hide
Monura Male LeatherMonura Male Hide
Monura Male Leather TextureMonura Male Leather
Morpheus IngotMorpheus Stone
Morrison Dragon LeatherMorrison Hide
Mosquito AmberPart Of Mosquito Amber
Mourner LeatherMourner Skin
Narcanisum IngotNarcanisum Stone
Nawa VialNawa Drops
Neconu DNA SamplesDNA Fragment B
DNA Fragment D
DNA Fragment E
Neconu Jaw
Neconu Hair
Neconu Teeth
NEVERDIE Dragon LeatherLemmy Hide
Elvis Hide
Henrix Hide
Nexnecis LeatherNexnecis Hide
Niksarium IngotNiksarium Stone
Nirvana CocktailNirvana Cocktail Mix
Nuclear Hemp ClothNuclear Ganja Plant
Nuclear Hemp Oil
Vixen Ganja Plant
Nuclear Hemp OilNuclear Ganja Seeds
Nusul DNA CartridgeNusul Foot
Nusul Tail
Nusul Nose
Nusul Flesh
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 1
Nusul LeatherNusul Hide
Nutrio BarSweetstuff
Oculus LeatherOculus Skin
OilCrude Oil
Olerin IngotOlerin Stone
Oompa LeatherOompa Hide
Oompa Warhound LeatherOompa Warhound Hide
Oro DNA CartridgeOro Flesh
Oro Forearm
Oro Tail
Oro Brain
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 3
Oro LeatherOro Hide
Ospra IngotOspra Stones
Ostelok DNA CartridgeOstelok Craw
Ostelok Upper Beak
Ostelok Foot
Ostelok Pommel
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 2
Ostelok LeatherOstelok Hide
Otorugi DNA CartridgeOtorugi Foot
Otorugi Eye
Otorugi Brain
Otorugi Spine
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 4
Otorugi LeatherOtorugi Hide
Outstanding Calcium CompoundProtective Coating
Greater Claw
Oweko DNA CartridgeOweko Flesh
Oweko Forearm
Oweko Tail
Oweko Brain
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 4
Oweko LeatherOweko Hide
Pandi LeatherPandi Hide
Paneleon LeatherPaneleon Hide
Panther ClothPanther Hide
Papplon SprayTransgen Papplon
Magerian Spray
Pearl SandAzur Pearls
Pel LiquidPel Crystals
Petonium IngotPetonium Stone
Phasm ClothPhasm Wool
Phasm LeatherPhasm Hide
Pile of DiamondsDiamond
Pile of EmeraldsEmerald
Pile Of GarnetsGarnet
Pile of JasperJasper
Pile of OpalsOpal
Pile Of RubiesRuby
Pina Colada CocktailPina Colada Cocktail Mix
Pirrel HexatonPirrel Pellets
Platinum IngotPlatinum Stone
Plumatergus DNA SamplesPlumatergus Large Wing
Plumatergus Skin
Plumatergus Small Wing
DNA Fragment B
Plumatergus LeatherPlumatergus Skin
Pop Dragon LeatherPop Hide
Pop Hemp ClothPop Hemp Oil
Pop Ganja Plant
Lemmy Ganja Plant
Pop Hemp OilPop Ganja Seeds
Praetonium IngotPraetonium
Prancer LeatherPrancer Skin
Primordial Longu LeatherPrimordial Longu Skin
Punk IngotPunk Rock
Pure ChoroidKaisenite Ingot
Partial Eye Remains
Purple Snake Skin ClothPurple Snake Skin Raw
PuttyCave Sap
Pyrite IngotPyrite Stone
Qaffaz LeatherQaffaz Hide
Qaffaz MarrowQaffaz Tail
Qaffaz PowderQaffaz Nail
Qasdeer IngotQasdeer Stone
Quantium IngotQuantium Stone
Quenta PanelQuenta Flux
Quil RubberQuil Sap
Redulite IngotRedulite Ore
Refined Actinolite CrystalActinolite Crystal
Refined Adamite CrystalAdamite Crystal
Refined Adventurine CrystalAdventurine Crystal
Refined Aegirine CrystalAegirine Crystal
Refined Agate CrystalAgate Crystal
Refined Agrellite CrystalAgrellite Crystal
Refined Amazonite CrystalAmazonite Crystal
Refined Amber CrystalAmber Crystal
Refined Amethyst CrystalAmethyst Crystal
Refined Ametrine CrystalAmetrine Crystal
Refined Ammolite CrystalAmmolite Crystal
Refined Angelite CrystalAngelite Crystal
Refined Anhydrite CrystalAnhydrite Crystal
Refined Apatite CrystalApatite Crystal
Refined Apophyllite CrystalApophyllite Crystal
Refined Aragonite CrystalAragonite Crystal
Refined Atacamite CrystalAtacamite Crystal
Refined Atlantasite CrystalAtlantasite Crystal
Refined Azeztulite CrystalAzeztulite Crystal
Refined Azurite CrystalAzurite Crystal
Refined Barite CrystalBarite Crystal
Refined Beryl CrystalBeryl Crystal
Refined Bloodstone CrystalBloodstone Crystal
Refined Bornite CrystalBornite Crystal
Refined Bronzite CrystalBronzite Crystal
Refined Bustamite CrystalBustamite Crystal
Refined Cacoxenite CrystalCacoxenite Crystal
Refined Calcedony CrystalCalcedony Crystal
Refined Calcite CrystalCalcite Crystal
Refined Cats Eye CrystalCat's Eye Crystal
Refined Celestite CrystalCelestite Stone
Refined Cerussite CrystalCerussite Crystal
Refined Charoite CrystalCharoite Crystal
Refined Chiastolite CrystalChiastolite Crystal
Refined Chlorite CrystalChlorite Crystal
Refined Chrysoberyl CrystalChrysoberyl Crystal
Refined Chrysocolla CrystalChrysocolla Crystal
Refined Chrysoprase CrystalChrysoprase Crystal
Refined Citrine CrystalCitrine Crystal
Refined Crocoite CrystalCrocoite Crystal
Refined Danburite CrystalDanburite Crystal
Refined Epidote CrystalEpidote Crystal
Refined Eudialyte CrystalEudialyte Crystal
Refined Fluorite CrystalFluorite Crystal
Refined Halite CrystalHalite Crystal
Refined Hematite CrystalHematite Crystal
Refined Hemimorphite CrystalHemimorphite Crystal
Refined Howlite CrystalHowlite Crystal
Refined Hyalite CrystalHyalite Crystal
Refined Kunzite CrystalKunzite Crystal
Refined Labradorite CrystalLabradorite Crystal
Refined Lepidocrosite CrystalLepidocrosite Crystal
Refined Malachite CrystalMalachite Crystal
Refined Moldavite CrystalMoldavite Crystal
Refined Muscovite CrystalMuscovite Crystal
Refined Novaculite CrystalNovaculite Crystal
Refined Obsidian CrystalObsidian Crystal
Refined Okenite CrystalOkenite Crystal
Refined Opal CrystalOpal Crystal
Refined Peridot CrystalPeridot Crystal
Refined Petalite CrystalPetalite Crystal
Refined Phenacite CrystalPhenacite Crystal
Refined Purpurite CrystalPurpurite Crystal
Refined Quartz CrystalQuartz
Refined Rhodonite CrystalRhodonite Crystal
Refined Selenite CrystalSelenite Crystal
Refined Sodalite CrystalSodalite Crystal
Refined Stibnite CrystalStibnite Crystal
Refined Tanzanite CrystalTanzanite Crystal
Refined Thulite CrystalThulite Crystal
Refined Tigers EyeTiger's Eye
Refined TopazTopaz Crystal
Refined Tourmaline CrystalTourmaline Crystal
Refined Turquoise CrystalTurquoise Crystal
Refined Ulexite CrystalUlexite Crystal
Refined Vanadinite CrystalVanadinite Crystal
Refined Wulfenite CrystalWulfenite Crystal
Refined Youngite CrystalYoungite Crystal
Refined Zincite CrystalZincite Crystal
Refined Zoisite CrystalZoisite Crystal
Reflecting AgentHazy Crystal
Reggea IngotReggea Rock
Regula PowderRegula Lode
Riptor DNA CartridgeRiptor Neck Frill
Riptor Foot
Riptor Eye
Riptor Heart
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 4
ROCK Buck StackRock Bucks
Root AcidAcid Root
Rudolf Dragon LeatherRudolf Hide
Rugaritz IngotRugaritz Ore
Ruxxnet CodePay Stub
Vibrant Sweat
ROCKtropia Record
Motorhead Keg
Sabakuma LeatherSabakuma Skin
Scoria LeatherScoria Hide
Sea Wraith LeatherSea Wraith Hide
Sham SandSham
Sicarius Brute LeatherSicarius Brute Hide
Sicarius Commander LeatherSicarius Commander Hide
Sicarius LeatherSicarius Hide
Snablesnot LeatherSnablesnot Skin
Snarksnot LeatherSnarksnot Skin
Softening AgentOrange Crystal
Soft LeatherSoft Hide
Solares IngotNova Fragment
Gazzurdite Stone
Animal Muscle Oil
Ares Head
Solis Beans
Solis PasteSolis Beans
Somin GlueSomin Tar
Songkra PlatingSongkra Alloy
Sothorite IngotSothorite Ore
Star DustStar Particles
Starrix QuiltingStarrix Nodes
Stinktree VeneerShort Stinktree Board
Long Stinktree Board
Stinktree Board
Sunburst IngotSunburst Stone
Sunjoq LeatherSunjoq Hide
Super AdhesiveYellow Crystal
Tabtab CavityTabTab Tooth
Tabtab LeatherTabtab Hide
Tantardion LeatherTantardion Skin
Tantillion LeatherTantillion Skin
Techno IngotTechno Rock
Teladon LeatherTeladon Hide
Telfium IngotTelfium Stones
Terrestrial HormoneTerrestrial Gland
Zorn Star Ingot
Terrudite IngotTerrudite Stone
Tezlapod LeatherTezlapod Skin
Thawr IvoryThawr Horn
Thawr LeatherThawr Hide
Thawr SinewThawr Wing
Tiarak LeatherTiarak Hide
Tiger ClothTiger Hide
Traeskeron LeatherTraeskeron Skin
Tridenite IngotTridenite Ore
Tripudion LeatherTripudion Skin
Troll Hemp ClothTroll Ganja Plant
Troll Hemp Oil
Turp LeatherTurp Skin
Typonolic GasTyponolic Steam
Ubo DNA CartridgeUbo Mandible
Ubo Eye
Ubo Flesh
Ubo Poison Globule
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 1
Universal AmmoShrapnel
Valurite IngotValurite Stone
Vedacore SheetingVedacore Fibre
Veda IngotVeda Stones
Vesperdite IngotVesperdite Ore
Vibrant Sweat CrateVibrant Sweat
Vixen Hemp ClothVixen Hemp Oil
Vixen Ganja Plant
Troll Ganja Plant
Vixen Hemp OilVixen Ganja Seeds
Vorn PlasticVorn Pellets
Warm THING BloodCold THING Blood
Weak Calcium CompoundLesser Claw
Wenrex IngotWenrex Stones
Whiskey Sour CocktailWhiskey Sour Cocktail Mix
Wiley IngotWiles Stone
Wool ClothWool
Wool ThreadThin Wool
Xelo VapourXelo Haze
Xeremite IngotXeremite Ore
Yarrijak DNA CartridgeYarrijak Tail
Yarrijak Head
Yarrijak Wing
Yarrijak Thorax
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 1
Yashib IngotYashib Stone
Youd BottleYoud
Yuka DNA CartridgeYuka Skull Plate
Yuka Mandible
Yuka Flesh
Yuka Long Bone
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 5
Yuka LeatherYuka Hide
Yulerium IngotYulerium Stones
Zadul DNA CartridgeZadul Foot
Zadul Eye
Zadul Brain
Zadul Spine
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 2
Zadul LeatherZadul Hide
Zanderium IngotZanderium Ore
Zincalicid Energy CrystalAlien Acid
Acid Root
Blazar Fragment
Energized Crystal
Ferrum Nuts
Zinc Stone
Zinc IngotZinc Stone
Zircon IngotZircon Stone
Zolphic GreaseZolphic Oil
Zombie BoneZombie Rotting Flesh
ROCKtropia Record
Zombie Hemp OilZombie Ganja Seeds
Zombie Hemp ClothZombie Hemp Oil
Zombie Ganja Plant
Pop Ganja Plant
Zorn Star IngotZorn Star Ore
Zulax IngotZulax Stones