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Guide: Hunting Basics

This guide will teach you the basics of hunting. Here you will learn about weapons, healing, armour,  attachments and other combat enhancing items.

Equipping Equipment And Basic Controls

To view your inventory press "I", here you can access your healing tools, armour parts and weapons. Right click the item to access its options. From here you can view the details of an item or equip an item by right clicking it. Clothing is purely aesthetic and does not offer protection of any kind.

To target a creature simply click on it, an arrow will appear above the creatures head with the name and level of the creature and the health bar of the creature. Click the creature again to use your equipped weapon. The "F" key (Default)  will auto fire.

To target yourself for healing, you can use your health bar on your HUD while your healing tool is equipped. To heal others you can click their avatar, or if in a team their health bar. The "F" key (Default)  will auto heal. You can use the use tool key "E" (Default).

You are able to create custom controls to auto fire and to quickly switch between weapons, tools, and armour sets, you can learn more about the edit panel here:
Guide: Edit Interface


Doing more damage is not simply down to buying a better weapons, skill is heavily involved in your ability to inflict damage and your ability to be accurate with a weapon. Using a weapon far above your skill level will cause you to waste ammo on missed shots and weaker damaging hits.

There are many types of weapons. Short blades, long blades, pistols, rifles, laser, BLP(bullets), explosives are a few examples. Using a weapon of one type can help improve skills in using other weapons, for example, using a laser pistol will give skill in laser rifles and BLP pistols.

Close combat weapons will help improve strength, which will improve your carrying capacity. Close combat can also increase your maximum health points. Some of the skills even carry across into other professions like weapon crafting skills, for example laser weapon technology.

If you are under level 10 in any skill it is recommended that you use the weapons in the trade terminal in game, use the starter pack on the web store, or use any of the weapons acquired from the new player missions. Weapons can also be purchased from other players in game for a markup. Ammo can be purchased from a trade terminal or converted shrapnel.

Some of the weapons suitable for under level 10 include: Solomate Rubio (L), Solomate Onyxo (L), Sollomate Azuro (L), EWE EP-1 Neutron (L), EWE EP-2 Proton (L), Skildek P30 (L), Skildek Lancehead (L), Castorian Combat EnBlade-B (L), Solomate Opalo, Bukin's Spare Rifle, Z12 Barbarella, Omegaton M2100, Castorian Combat EnBlade-A.

To be efficient in hunting you want a weapon which has the most bang for bucks, not only in ammo consumption for damage, but also how much markup you pay for a weapon. To be effective in hunting, just like any other professions, you want be smart on what you spend on your equipment.

A good example of being smart with what you have is buying shrapnel for 100.1% to 100.9% and converting it to universal ammo, as every 100 shrapnel converts to 101 ammo, buying shrapnel under 101% and converting it will provide more ammo than just simply buying it from a trade terminal

Defence And Healing

Getting hit in close combat will help improve evasion skills and getting shot will help improve dodging skills. Using close combat weapons can also increase your maximum health points. These abilities will naturally make you more resilient in combat. Evade and dodge can save you PED in healing and armour repair and replacement costs.

With the weaker robots and animals in Entropia, armour is not needed, but a healing device is an essential. Most of the lower level creatures will not be able to out damage most of the basic healing tools.

There are 7 armour parts to each armour set, hands, arms, head, chest, thighs, shins and feet. Some armours sets have a special ability when all parts are worn. For example the gold and platinum starter pack Adjusted Harrier Armour grants an extra 8% to running speed when the full set is equipped.

Every armour protects against certain types of damage, where some armour sets maybe more suited to hunting a creatures with particular types of damage, hunting creatures your armour is not designed for will offer little protection and will cost more in repairs and replacement.


You can attach a number of attachments to your equipment to improve its statistics. A gun can be equipped with an amp, laser sight and scope to enhance damage,  accuracy and skill gain ability. Armours can have plating attached to enhance its defence. Every one of these attachments have their own trade terminal value and degrades like any other equipment.

To equip attachments to an items, simply drag the attachment to equipment it is designed for. To view what attachments are attached to an item, view its item info. On the item info screen you will be able to individually view and detach each attachments.

When an attachment runs out of trade terminal value, the weapon will no longer fire until the attachment it detached or repaired.

Limited And Unlimited Equipment

Some equipment can be repair and some equipment is disposable once used. Items with an (L) in the name are limited items. Limited items can not be repaired and are disposed of when they can no longer be used by selling them to the trade terminal. Items without the (L) in the name can be repaired at a repair console for PED.

Tier And Enhancers

Equipment has the ability to level up to unlock sockets, this is known as the tier level of an item. Sockets allow you to add enhancers to equipment to modify the statistics of an item.

Limited (L) items have the ability to unlock sockets when they tier up automatically, and continue to level up. Unlimited items require resources to tier up when they reach the required level to unlock a socket and continue to level up. When an items is ready to be upgraded, the resources used in the upgrade will be converted to shrapnel.

Enhancers can be attached at the bottom of the equipment info screen. Each enhancer can only be attached to the sockets number equal to the enhancer level, for example, a Weapon Damage Enhancer 2 will only go into the second socket of a gun. Enhancers can stack and do not degrade like other equipment, rather they have chance of one being destroyed every time you use the item.

The chances of this happening is very small, but because the chances of enhancers break is down to luck, you can use one for ages and then break few in a row. Enhancers have a lower chance of breaking on a limited tool. When enhancers break they will return the trade terminal value in shrapnel.

Other Useful Equipment

A number of other useful items exist to enhance your combat capability and efficiency. Everyone has access to loot collection pills, these pills can be purchased from any trade terminal and costs 0.50 PED per pill. Loot pills can automatically collect loot from dead creatures within 20 meters and each pill lasts for an hour.

This is just one of many of the combat enhancing drugs that can be purchased, Neurobiotic Boosters provide a skill boost bonus and different Neurostims provide different boosts, reloading speed boosts, health regeneration, faster running speed, are some for example.

Rings also provide an improvement to your abilities in combat by providing a constant boost to your statistics. Rings provide effects like pills, but without the short time limit. Each player can wear 1 ring per hand, check on the ring's information screen to see which hand it is for. Rings are classed as clothing and are found in the clothing tab.


When you defeated you pray, do not forget to collect your loot, the "F" key (Default) will loot your target. When you have finished hunting, you will want to sell your loot, the best way to sell loot is to another player, you will always get more PED from a player than you would from a trade terminal. Anything you are unable to sell, save in your storage to sell later. Some of the hunted items are easier to sell after being refined.

This is a very important factor to whether a hunter is successful or not. Every profession requires a little bit of trading savvy to be successful, as it is an integral part of the game.

To learn more about trading in general click here.


  1. I think that as a beginner you need to practice with a weapon of one quality to improve the skills and if you get the confidence of holding and handling the equipment's and shooting from the different positions and from the distinct angles without any expert's guidance than you can switch to other target shooting accessories which makes you an experts and helps you to get self-confident over the hunting.

    1. Thanks for your comments, you are correct about using weapons fitting for your skills, especially if you are new, it is easy to waste shots with weak damage and inaccuracy if you do not have the skill. If you really want to speed up skill gains, you would also want for "skill increase bonus" (SIB) on a weapons, but as most SIB weapons will be slightly under the max weapons skill to get the gain.

      I will be adding a more advance versions of many of the tutorials on the site in time, this will include more details about the item info screen and what is best for your skills. Currently the "Basic" tutorials are more about the "how to" than the "details".

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