New Player Starting Guides

Edit Interface - Learn about the controls, customising your controls, heads up display, chat windows and loot display options.

Sweating - Learn all about acquiring sweat and sweating locations. Learn about selling sweat and it's uses.

Finding Items - Learn about looking for fruit, natural stones, dung and oil.

Basic Game Play Guides

Hunting Basics - Learn all about the basics of hunting. Here you will learn about weapons, healing, armour,  attachments and other combat enhancing items.

Mining Basics - Learn all about the basics of mining. Here you will learn about locating ore and energy matter veins, extracting resources and summoning from claim deeds.

Refining Basics - Learn about refining the basics resources. Refining has many advantages, lowering the weight of what your carrying, priming resources for crafting and making mindforce ammo and pet food.

Crafting Basics - Learn all about the basics of crafting. Here you will learning about the crafting system and where to find basic blueprints to get you started.

Trading Basics - This guide will teach you about the basics of trading, this is not only good knowledge for traders, but a fundamental aspect to all professions. Whether you are a hunter, miner or crafter, your success is down to your ability to trade.

Mindforce Basics - This guide will teach you the basics of mindforce. Here you will learn about implants, mindforce chips and essence. With mindforce you can attack, heal, teleport, induce positive and negative battle status. 

Advanced Game Play Guides

Full Refinement List - A list of all the possible refiner recipes in Entropia Universe. Learn what resources are required to create refine materials.

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