Saturday 14 March 2020

Calypso Robot Offensive

The Calypso Research and Defence Institute has released a report stating there has been an increased in activity in the robot subterranean base matrix network and increased communication activity between robot dropships above Eudora on Calypso.

The report suggests that the robots are amassing their forces for another offensive, the robots are primarily targeting the settlements at Camp Phoenix, Cape Corinth, Camp Icarus, Chugs Hideout, Fort Ithaca, Fort Pandora, Fort Troy, Minopolis and the robot main base at Hadesheim.

The robots with the lowest threat level are targeting the area around Camp Icarus, while the more heavily armed robots are focused on the other targeted locations.

The Calypso Research and Defence Institute has advised to take precautions in regard to both armour and weapon selections and advice that forming teams with other colonist will also allow for effective engagements against the heavier robot forces.

Further information regarding the intention of the attacks are yet still unknown.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Next Island Shares

Next Island has announced a redevelopment of Ancient Greece and the release of Ancient Greece shares. The shares are the second to be listed on the exchange at an initial cost of 10 PED per share. 750000 shares represents 50% of Ancient Greece, 100% of the revenue is to be shared between the share holders. The dividend payout will happen every Monday at 00:00.

There has been a complete overhaul to Ancient Greece, the terrain has been terraformed to improve previously underdeveloped areas, and the teleporter network has been redesigned. The terraforming has cause previously inaccessible resources to shift closer to the surface.  A number of auctioneers have set them selves up and new terminals have also been added. Ancient Greece is accessible through the Orpheus Cave teleporter on the planet Next Island.

21 new unique blueprints are now available along with the ability to upgrade the Gorgan Armour. 2 new missions chains are now available, containing treasure hunts, kill-point missions, crafting objectives, mining runs, and more of an in-depth storyline. 3 New unique bosses have been added, and 8 creatures have been graphically reworked.

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Monria Saint Patrick's Day Event

On the 14th and the 15th of march planet Monria is hosting one of its biggest Saint Patrick's Events ever! Wear your best green, orange and white clothing and have some fun!

On the 13th and the 16th of March, the Yamoto mothership will be offering free flights to and from Monria.

There will be hunting and mining events, with the possibility of winning a Monria apartment, which comes with the added benefit of free space travel abound the Yamoto.

There are tons of competitions and events, including the Saint Patrick's Day parade, fashion contest, pet contest and guess the 48 hour global and hall of fame total.

Shortage of technological components

Due to a shortage of technological components effecting the smaller colonies on Calypso, Consul Tiberius Calderon, the consul appointed by Omegaton, will be placing a number of orders on the auction in an effort to supply colonies experiencing acute shortages of technological resources.

Omegaton is one of the 3 major corporations on Calypso and the Federal Empire's official logistics company, although Omegaton was originally bidding for exclusive control over the original colonial contract for Calypso, it was unable to hold onto it, and the contract was shared with the two other corporations.

Genesis Star CEO Maximilian Wolfe says "The initiative is anything but generous, claiming the import-dependent colonies are being forced into a monopoly arrangement. No other importer can get near those planets, the Imperial Navy's got them surrounded. Only Omegan freighters are allowed in."

The accusations were denied by Tiberius Calderon, "The Genesis will say anything to discredit their competitors. It's pathetic."

Omegaton will also be offering the additional incentives to help the procurement effort, for each component, 100 PED will be awarded to the colonist who makes the largest contribution to fulfil an  order for each individual component, and 1000 PED will be awarded to the colonist who contributes the most total Trade Terminal value, of any combination of components.

Simple 4 Conductors - 12000 PED
Simple 3 Conductors - 60000 PED
Simple 2 Conductors - 160000 PED
Simple 3 Plastic Springs - 90000 PED
Simple 2 Plastic Springs - 112000 PED
Simple 3 Plastic Ruds - 17000 PED
Simple 2 Plastic Ruds - 110000 PED
Hardened Metal Ruds - 30000 PED
Basic Filters - 50000 PED
Basic Sensor - 22000 PED
Basic Structure - 45000 PED
Standard Matrix - 50000 PED
Standard Plate - 25000 PED
High Performance Engine - 15000 PED
Electropositive Processor - 10000 PED
Reinforced Bearings - 10000 PED
Heavy Duty Core - 10000 PED

Omegaton will place orders until the total Trade Terminal values listed above have been successfully purchased. Note that all of the orders listed above may not be active on the auction at the same time. Some components may be purchased using multiple orders.