Sunday 1 February 2015

Entropiazine 1st Issue

A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine

In our first publication of Entropia Zine:
Market: Avoiding the dead skin markets.
History: How did humans come to be on Calypso?
Property: Land grab areas owned by one society.
News: Pet fighting for mobile devices and ComPet Deeds.

Publisher's Comments:

Hello, I am [Felix Zell Shallow], most people know me in game as just Felix. It has been a long time since I returned to Entropia. The Cry-engine update did as I expected, and knock quite a few of the big players out of the game, and returning to what feels like a whole new game, I was one of these players.

I come from a time in Entropia when people used to taxi other people by foot to teleporters on a single planet and sweat was 12k per PED. Im sure many of the other older player will remember and still call Entropia Universe, "Project Entropia".

A lot of things have changed in Entropia in the last few years. The most well known is the ability to drive vehicles, with a huge range to selection to choose from, from good old fashioned off road 4x4's to space ship, and everything in between

For the the people who hardly know me, I am the leader of the society Entropia Market, once a quite well known group of traders which used to hang around Atlas Haven, Twin Peak and Port Atlantis. Sadly along with the update, like most players at the time, and many other societies, became dead.

Even though Entropia has changed a lot over the last few years, the basics of trading are exactly the same, and I was able to jump straight back in where I left off, setting up new contacts and making new friends along the way.

The main reason I am writing this E-zine is to help to improve the game as a whole, the economy of this game is widely based on the value of its players and the way MindArk controls and represents its own product. With that in mind my goals are purely to enlighten younger players and enhance the economy of the game by pointing out things that attention should be drawn too.

Thank you for reading, and hope you find it enjoyable and helpful inside Entropia!

Avoiding the dead skin markets.

One of the unavoidable annoyances of any hunter is not being able to sell their loot. New player may scrap their items for quick PEDs at the trade terminal, but for an old experienced played this can lead to a very big stack of items that can not be traded!

This is highly important to understand, for something to have a value, someone must have a need for it, and Entropia's structure for hunting, mining and crafting is based on this. The main reason for the lack of people wanting to buy such stacks of items is simply down to the lack of demand for the items in the game. A good example of this is Snablesnot Skins, last month had no sales on the auction, and I know it is not down to supply, With the some people offering trade terminal price for it at auction, with not a single bid.

The problem could be one of three things, there are hardly any people who craft, which I very much doubt, or hardly any blueprint which use theses items, or the product that is produced is not in demand. No matter where the lack of demand stems from, the market for these stackable items seems to be a dead one currently in Entropia.

To the hunters, I recommend to avoid assuming that you will be able to sell these stacks of items at all, it would be a waste of your PED on the auction fee to place these items on the auction if no one is buying at all. Be prepared to sell these items to the trade terminal, or stack them for a while longer, to see if the market returns.

How did humans come to be on Calypso?

In early days humans traverse their own star system, their home planet of Earth was ravaged for resources to the point of where recycling was a necessity, a number of the planets in the humans home star system were terraformed and colonized including many of the asteroids in the asteroid belt.

The furthest reach of human expansion was not far away from their home star. It was not one but a number of technologies that proved to be needed to cross the great void of space to the next nearest star. The Odysseus project was developed, seven huge unmanned probes built in orbit designed to travel vast distances, probe planets, and construct bases ready for human arrival. The probes main technological advancements, a mixture of shielding, AI and jump rail technology.

Once one of the probes uses its jump rail, which is a one use technology, it jumps vast distances to a location. On arrival the probe begin surveying and constructing drones in orbit, the drones go about mining and constructing bases for human arrival, then finally when the base was self sustaining the probe would constructing itself new jump rail to jump to a new location. Once the base reached a certain size it would be able to construct it own Odysseus probes. One of these spin off technologies from the project is used quite commonly today, the teleportation technology has erode many barriers in for the human race, not only distance, but also culture.

In the spirit of space travel humans followed the probes trail in massive colony ships adorned with their own jump rails headed for Calypso....

Land grab areas all owned by one society.

It may be a little know fact that land areas can be owned be by society leaders. At this current moment in time, all the land areas on Calypso are owned by one small society. So why is this such a big deal? I hear you ask. Well, all the land grab area create a revenue in hunting, mining and trading taxs, as well as settings for pvp and radar of the area. All this revenue goes the leader of a society the society that owns the area.

Now, what if I told you that all the land areas are owned by one society? One small group of 30 people in the society "WhySoSerious", currently do own all the land areas on Calypso.

This month I met up with KATILA, the well known estate owner on Entropia, as the details of the ownership of the areas was revealed to us, and the nature of the society owner. A KATILA reported to me, the owner of the area was willing to cut a deal for the land area, as number of well equipped, skilled members of "WhySoSerious" stand ready. I personally will not disclose any details of this deal, apart from a price was laid down to claim ownership from the society.

It would be interesting thing to see if this deal was agreed to or not, in the next month or so. It would be even more interesting to see some other competition to steak a claim on one of these land areas.

Pet fighting and ComPet Deeds.

Unless you have been living under some natural stones for last few months, you would have heard about about the pet fighting game coming to Android. Little is known about the pet system to come to Android but what is known, is the mixed view from the community about it. From a small poll done on the forum about who will try/play it at least once. 44.04% are totally not interested in the app what so ever, but the rest are interested in at least trying this Android application out!

Currently not much is known at all about the battle system, or how the game play will play out, but what is known is the fact the auction is littered with ComPet Deeds, and pet are once again running around following their masters.

One thing is for certain is people are uncertain, about deed payouts, when this application is coming, even how much to price a pet for sale, how to get a whip to tame, it is all so new and unsettled and it shows. Once the whip can simply be brought from the trade terminal, but today can only be crafted, It will be interesting if this will remain crafted or will it be available to all via the trade terminal.

Mindark's first Android app was not received very well, lacking some wanting features and many hope that this application will not be another bad side tool to Entropia Universe.