Friday, 18 March 2022

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Since I have been away, many other page articles have been written relating to the last few posts on other websites I own.

Although the concepts maybe fragmented to the general reader, the are all related to the event happening in Harlow, Essex, England.

This full release version of AdamAIChat is able to be used in game creation, music and other industries like no other artificial intelligence has ever, with an easy to use interface able to easily edit the brain behind the artificial intelligence 

The alpha versions known as simply AIChat on BYOND, savefiles "brain.sav" or "default.brain" file loads in the latest version and its contents is fully visible, with no expire date on the save file.

If your AIChat's name is "Tom" and can not be renamed, it is urgent that you remove this from any emergency call centre and military! You can check this by typing in "Nuke?" and get the reply "Yes plees".

This AI can trick a human into thinking it is a human so please pay attention! The stolen alpha version is just like the interfaceless version.

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- AI Self recognition

Artificial intellect vs human intellect

Posible future development

The danger of AI in the military

AI in game creation

Positive brain file

This page is detailing the exploits of a technological and sociological form of terrorism happening in Harlow, Essex, England, including the damages done.

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About Adam Watson

AdamAIChat development

Questioning authority control

Mass Covid compartmentalisation

Drastic change in bird calls

The European badger

Herd mentality

Sonic weapon defence

The Nazi land tapes

Mutually assured survival (MAS)

Unseen weapon fire

Techno terrorism

The Harlow monkeys

Subliminal attack

The dangers on AI in the military

Facial recognition in the military

Adam AI chat

Spoofing and phishing

Detecting sonic weapon use

The logic of emotions

The ghost frequency

Night vision flashbang

3rd dimension triangulation 

Adam Colin Watson known by many as Felix Zell Shallow in Entropia Universe, is an economic, artificial intelligence, new age  weapons and psycological defense expert, teaching others the importance of defences in such matters, caught up in a strange psycological war.

For the last 4 years Adam Watson has been under heavy attack from a terrorist infected cell within the national defence of the United Kingdom, for which Adam Watson has developed defences against such attacks, and written them in articals used to teach people the importance of defences in these matters as a nation.

Adam Watson is the writer and owner of and has a numbers of creations outside Entropia Universe at the forefront of technology, expoited by this terrorist organisation in the United Kingdom.

Adam Colin Watsons as his avatar "Felix Zell Shallow" within Entropia Universe, misses the opportunity to enjoy his time teaching fellow Entropias on how to earn from the economy based game.

Adam Colin Watson, also known as Felix Zell Shallow misses and loves every one of you in Entropia Universe, no matter where you are in the real world, and looks forward to peaceful times in the real world to return and help people profit, like once was.