Saturday, 17 August 2019

Calypso Wildlife In A Violent Rage

Eomon pheromone are causing the wildlife to exhibit manic episodes of rage!
As Eomon pheromone levels drop signalling the end of the Eomon and Longtooth Migration, the local wildlife have been effected by the Eomon pheromones and are on a rampage.

For over a month now the planet’s creatures have been exposed to the potent Eomon pheromone, these pheromones are known by scientist to be strength inducing, but the side effects include a state of violent mania, scientists haves stated this may effect several species, but are are unclear towards their effect on all the inhabitants of the planet, as each creature is individual, not only in species, but also in the individual genetic structures of each animal.

Some scientist have speculated the pheromones also effect the breading cycle of many of the creatures on the planets, with some species appearing larger on numbers. Other scientist have speculates that the pheromone can also effect the maturity of the animals on the planet, bringing on early maturity faster.

Although the creature on the planet seem to be more aggressive and in larger number, the effect are predicted not to last long as the Citizen Defence Force has issued no warning.

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