Wednesday 27 February 2019

Guide: Crafting Basics

This guide will teach you about the basics of crafting. Here you will learn about using resources gathered from hunting and mining to create clothing, tools, armours, weapons, enhancers, vehicles, furniture and much more.

Crafting Equipment

To craft all you need is a blueprint of what you want to craft and the resources that blueprints requires to craft with. You are able to buy a number of basic blueprints perfect for people new to crafting and blueprint books from a technician.

Blueprint books are not needed for crafting, the books are simply designed to keep your blueprints organised.

You can acquire further blueprints from other players, on the auction or from crafting. There is a small chance of blueprint being created from crafting.

Construction machines are located across the major settlements on any planet in Entropia, these machines along with your blueprint and resources needed for construction is what you use to construct with.

To find out what resources a blueprint requires, right click the blueprint to bring up the item information screen. You can also see this information from a construction machine.

To acquire the resources needed, learn more about trading here.

Construction Machine

Once you have the blueprint and resources required for the blueprint, right click on a crafting machine. You will see the following window with a list of blueprints you currently own.

Here you have an overview of each blueprint, its success rate and how many attempts you currently have with the resources you got. Note that this includes resource stored in storage on that planet, not just resources in your current inventory, and this is also solely determined by ingredients, and is not the same as the number of attempts left on a limited blueprint.

Clicking on any of these blueprint will highlight addition information at the bottom of the window including the resource you have and require for the construction.

The filter button at the top of this window will allow you to filter and search what blueprint you want show.

Double clicking any of these blueprint in the list or clicking the construction tab at the top of the window will take you to the highlighted blueprints construction screen.


This next screen will show a number of buttons and dials. From here you will be able to select how many construction attempts you wish to undertake and adjust your focus to quantity and condition.

The quantity and condition bar will adjust your level of success compared to the quality of your outcome. Quantity will provide a better success rate, but each construction will be mediocre in value. Condition will offer higher value results, but will be more likely to fail in each construction.

When you are confident with the choice you have made, the construct will start the construction, the stop button will halt production.

Quality Rating/Condition (QR/CD)

If the blueprint is unlimited, the number displayed is the quality rating of that blueprint. If the blueprint is limited, the number displayed is the condition of that blueprint.

As you use a unlimited blueprint, there is a chance the blueprint quality can be improved leading to better success with the blueprint in the future. Limited blueprint do not improve over time.


The residue options in the top right of the window allows you to fill in the value of a tool or weapon. Residues are produced as a byproduct from crafting different materials. 

When constructing limited items, you will want to create items with the maximum trade terminal value, when constructing without residue the value of an item will more than likely be under its maximum value, this can make an item harder to sell.

Residue is used to fill in the remaining value on an item to create items with maximum trade terminal value.

Male Or Female?

If you are constructing a clothing or armour blueprint, two buttons, “Male” and “Female”, will appear. These buttons allow you to choose for which gender the item should be designed. Males cannot equip female clothing or armour, and vice versa.

Supply And Demand

The most important factor to whether a crafter is successful or not is their ability to understand the cost of what it is they are crafting and peoples demand for what is being crafted. Every profession requires a little bit of trading savvy to be successful, as it is an integral part of the game, but non more so than crafting is the ability to trade most important.

First you must understand your ability to produce the item in question, if your success rate is 80%, you must understand that roughly one in every five times you will fail, and must be factored in.

The second thing you must factor in, is the price of the resources you wish to purchase, it is easier and cheaper to buy the resources needed than to go out and find the resources yourself.

Thirdly and one of the more important factors is the ability to sell what you produce, demand is an important factor in trying to sell an item.

Many miners will refine their own resource before selling, but hunter do not tend to refine hides or wools, where as a crafter you are more likely to look for refined resources when buying, sometimes it might be worth looking the unrefined forms. Although refining is not needed it maybe handy.

Finally, you never want to sell anything you produce back to a trade terminal, the best way to sell loot is to another player, you will always get more PED from a player than you would from a trade terminal. Anything you are unable to sell, save in your storage to sell later.

To learn more about trading in general click here.

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