Monday 25 February 2019

Guide: Sweating

This guide will teach you all about sweating animals within Entropia. The only tool that is needed is the VSE MK1, which every player gets right from the start, but a healing tool and a vehicle will be handy for this guide. (Valkyrie car can be acquired from Thule the tutorial area, and a Vivo S10 healing tool can be acquired from the gauntlet).

Note: The VSE MK1 can not be brought or sold, but can be put in storage, it is advised that you keep this gun on you at all time. If you go to another planet and leave your sweating device behind, you will not be able to sweat buy a new one, and the only way to get your one back is to go back to the planet you have stored it at.

Simple Sweating

To start sweating, simply go to the tools tab in your inventory (I on keyboard), and right click on the green round gun called the VSE MK1 to equip it. Then find a creature sweat,  click to target it, then press "F" key (Default), after a few attempts, you will see a green mist, this is the extracting phase.

In the extracting phase if you get hit or the creature moves out of your range, you will fail to extract. If you do not get hit and you keep the creature in your cross hairs for a few seconds, you will acquire some sweat.

After a number of extractions the creature will run dry on sweat, after this you will want to kill it, most people run to a turret and some shoot it, you can also drown the creature in water.

The skills you will gain while sweating are also valuable in a number of other professions, including hunting, mind force, and healing. With a tiny increase to other skills not related to these.

Group Sweating Locations

There are a number of locations where players sweat in a group to share damage to last longer, heal less and get more sweat. Overall this method will provide much more sweat in a shorter time but you will acquire less evade experience.

If the animal hits you, do not move and do not panic, it is not worth running, if the creature can hit you, it will hit you, moving does not effect your ability to evade a hit. If anything, the more you get hit, the more likely you will gain evade experience, the more likely you will be able to evade hits in future. The ability to evade is one of the more sought after skills for a hunter.

The easiest group sweating location to get to is Boreas. Teleport to the Isle of Troy then travel west to the edge where the land is no longer a solid green. From there you will be able to teleport or die and revive at Boreas. This is where a vehicle could come in handy.

Selling Sweat

The VSE MK1 does not degrade. You can use it as much as you want. This is one of the free abilities in Entropia, Sweat in itself is a valueless item to the system.
The value of sweat to a buyer depends on their needs for the sweat, and to a seller the value depends on their persistence to always be patient and look for a better price.

When it come to selling sweat, patience is a virtue, everyone has the ability to sweat, but not everyone has the ability to craft using that sweat, this means sweat is in a much higher supply than demand.

The best places to find buyers is at a group sweating locations, when a buyer wants to buy, the first thing they think is "Where are there lots of sweaters?".

These buyers tend to come and go in moments compared to how long sweaters sweat for at these locations. Calling out  "WTS Sweat" will not help, almost everyone wants to sell sweat.

The best thing you can do is to sweat a bit more to sell more for when that valuable buyer comes by, and when that buyer does come by, make a note of that persons name and their price, make a friend, and sell for the best price you can. Sweat is normally sold in stacks of 1000, check with other sweaters for the average selling price at the time so you know what to aim for and you are not undercutting yourself.

To learn more about trading in general click here.

Uses For Sweat

Last but not least, many new people wonder what sweat is actually used for. The top 3 uses for sweat are making mind essence, making welding wires and missions.

Mind essence can be made by mixing force nexus and sweat in a refiner. Force nexus is an energy matter that is mined. You are able to purchase a standard refiner from a trade terminal.

Some blueprints like the welding wire blueprint requires sweat along with other materials, welding wires are used like ammo with the vehicle repair tool to repair vehicles.

There are also a number of missions that require sweat to complete, a few examples of these are the Arkadia Passport missions and Missions Galactica.

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