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Guide: Finding Items

(Since VU16, this guide has become out of date. Click here for an up to date guide!)

In Entropia it is possible to stumble across free natural items simply by walking around or stopping for a few seconds. These items include fruit, natural stones and dung.

Learn To Walk

You are only able to see fruit, natural stones and dung if you are walking or standing still, you will not see these when running.

To toggle between running and walking press "Q". No skill is required or gained in searching for natural items.

The best way to find natural items is to walk the paths least walked, they can spawn anywhere on the floor across any planet, so the places least walked will surely be more likely to have more! It is best to have the camera in 3rd person to get a good view around your character.

Items come into view at a much smaller range than everything else you can see. When you do find items, simply right click on it and pick it up.

Specifically going out and looking for natural items is harder than sweating and will require more patience. Also as there is no skill gain in finding these items, your character is not growing.
Fruit can be refined into nutrio bars by putting any fruit and sweetstuff into a refiner, sweetstuff is an energy matter which is mined and nutrio bars are used to feed pets. Natural stones are used in crafting and dung are used by land owners.

Finding Oil

Roctropia Docks (Red Square)
There are a number of locations in Entropia where you will be able to find and collect crude oil. You do not need to be walking to be able to see these oils barrels.

These barrels can be found in certain PvP areas, on Calypso, Arkadia and Rocktropia. You can not be looted in these PvP areas, so you can try as much as you want without worrying about losing anything. If you do happen to get attacked, you will likely gain evasion and dodge skill.

Arkadia Oil Rig (Red Circle)
The easiest place to get access to crude oil is the docks on Rocktropia, as there are no animals or robots in this area to attack you, you can  simply walk into this area on foot with no issues and the respawn point is right next to the area.

The closest teleporter to the docks which every new person starts with is The Hyperplex.  Crude oil will spawn anywhere in the dock area on the floor.

The only threat here is a very small minority of other people, most people come here for oil and do not wish to waste ammo.

The oil rig on Arkadia is harder to get to because it is surrounded by the native life. The best way to get to the center of the rig is to fly in a vehicle. The closest teleport to this rig is Scrap Yard.

Crude oil  can be refined into oil, which can be crafted with or used to refill your vehicles.

There are a number of other rigs that exist in Entropia, for example the Beer Garden Draft on Rocktropia drops the Motorhead kegs. Which are used specifically in crafting items using blueprints from Rocktropia.

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