Thursday, 28 November 2019

10 Years Analysis Of The Animal Oil Market

Animal Adrenal Oil
The markup on the adrenal oil market has always been consistent average of 102%, sales dropped in 2014 from an average of 250kPED to 150kPED per month.

Animal Brain Oil
From 2010 to the end of 2012  the market raised up to 160%, in 2013 the market dropped to an average of 115%. The amount of sales heavily fluctuates every few years, but slowly the average amount sold has lowered over time.  In 2016 sales dropped to below 10kPED, but has since recovered to above 25kPED.

Animal Eye Oil
The sales trend has slowly fallen over time from 800kPED to 200kPED in a 10 year period, but is still a great market to get started in with at least 175kPED sold every month. The average markup on this market has mostly remained stable between 102% and 103%.

Animal Heart Oil
Just like brain oil, the market prices for heart oil raised up from 2010 to 2012, and began to fall back down in 2013. The market average is around 107.5%. At the end of 2012 the market peaked at an average of 135%. The most recent fluctuation in the amount sold had been between 10kPED and 50kPED per month.

Animal Kidney Oil
In the last 10 years the market settles at an average markup of 102.5%, but from time to time the prices have risen above 107.5%. Sales in the last 5 years average around 125kPED sold per month.

Animal Liver Oil
The average markup in the last 10 years around 102 to 103%, with only 2 peaks of 106%+ in that time. The average amount of sale took a drop in 2013 from 275kPED to 125kPED per month.

Animal Muscle Oil
Due to this being is one of the most commonly used resource, in 2013 when the animal oil markets dropped in sale, the markup dramatically went up to a high of 110%. The Average markup for this item is normally a low 102%. Before 2013, the average sales was 700kPED per month, now the average is 350kPED per month.

Animal Pancreas Oil
In the last 5 years the sales have been a stable 100kPED per month, and the markup on average has been a stable 101.5%

Animal Spleen Oil
Unlike the the other markets so far, this market is currently on a high peak in sales, since 2017 sales have risen to 350kPED from 75kPED per month. The markup since 2017 is also high, above 110%. Before 2017 the last peak in sales was 2014, and the last peak in markup was 2013. At the markets lowest point the markup was an average of 103%.

Animal Thyroid Oil
In 2013 sales in this market dropped from an average of 400kPED to 100kPED sold per month.
The average markup in the last 10 years has been 102%, but in 2014 markup raised above 105% for 2 years before returning to 102% in 2016.

Market Demands
Currently the animal oils in high demand are adrenal, eye, kidney, liver, muscle and spleen. The animal oils that are in very high demand are eye, muscle and spleen. Animal eye oil is the most brought item on the auction. Animal spleen oil is currently the second most brought item currently, but demand is slowly falling, with markup and demand being high acquiring animal spleen oil should be hunters priority while the market is good for both demand and markup.

Industry Prices
The current cost of construction is very low in almost all of the animal oil markets, and most of the commonly used animal oils have been very stable at a low cost for bulk amounts for years. It is a really good time to buy animal oils and take advantage of the lower than average market costs. Spleen oil is the only major exception, although its demand is high, the cost currently is more than averages.

Investment Options
With almost all of the animal oil markets being low in markup, now is a great time to stock up on animal oils for when the next market markup spikes happens in each individual market. The main market to target currently is animal eye oil, as there is a high amount of supply, currently bulk prices are below 101% on the auction.

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