Thursday, 28 November 2019

VU17: Graphical update in December

The upcoming release scheduled for early December will include the biggest visual update since the switch to the CryEngine, this update will greatly improve processing of light and colours.

MindArk is not switching from the CryEngine, but using features within the engine to improve post processing effects, colour, bloom and lighting to give a more natural and photographic appearance allowing planet partners to create better looking assets within Entropia.

Before and after shots have been provided by MindArk showing a visible difference of what the next update can provide. The first thing many will notice are the shadows are clearly more defined and look more natural. Light is more vibrant and reflections bounce light off of glass better and water is much more clearer. Even growing light emitting signs are much more clearer and easier to see from further away.

Important Note:
This update will effect older machines running Windows XP as the upgrade uses DirectX 11. DirectX 11 is only compatible with Windows Vista or later operating systems.
To found out more about how this can effect your system: Click Here.

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