Sunday 1 March 2015

Issue 2: Line at the big rig.

A Monthly Entropian E-Magazine.

In this week publication of Entropiazine:
Interview: The insides of the dominating land grab society.
News: The successful line created at Ashi Rig (Big Rig).
Quests: Good advice on quests for new players.

The successful line created at Ashi Rig (Big Rig)!

Most new people with and agility level of ten and above will most likely know about the small oil rig just above Camp Icarus, the burned charred area known as the Orthos oil field.

Most of the skilled player verse player characters hang around at the big rig, where killing for oil is actually worth it. At the small rig at Orthos killing the line is not worth the oil, you spend more PED killing than you do gaining in oil. The people who spree and kill the line at the small rig tends to be blowing of steam or just a bit of fun for the more skilled players, from what I have learned talking to the line killers.

This line created at big rig was not the first line created at the big rig, a line like this has been created twice before, but never as publicly shown as the image above. A number of guards set out to defend the new people from the harder avatars around the big rigs, as everyone lined up for a ton of oil!

Now if anyone tells you a line at the big rig is not possible, you now know otherwise, all it takes is peoples willingness to share.

The insides of the dominating land grab society (WhySoSerious).

Earlier this month I was able to find a member of the society that owns all the land areas, it was a great pleasure to get an interview and to find out more about the workings of the land area and the society it self.

The society is a small band of 30 people as stated in last months issue, but only about 20 members make the core of the groups, of which these members are online most of the time. Some of the members of the group know each other in real life, so it seems to be quite a close group of friends.

"Linzey: We are very close, it becomes your second life this game!"

The land areas are taxed but it is not much money is made, most of the fund raised from land areas goes into player verse player gear. For one year there was no or very little contestants of the land areas...

"Linzey: For a year was not much shooting then was decent profits."

... but now the society has to defend more today, which means ammo use and equipment repairs are needed once again to keep hold of the land areas on Calypso in land grab events.

"Linzey: To me its just the fun!"

The funds from land area tax gets shared out in the society, but little is known of the details behind this.

Quests: A guide for new players.

Sometimes I forget how weak new players on Entropia, once you have been in Entropia a while, you character will get stronger very slowly, it is almost hardly noticeable. Recently I have been helping a group of my friends who has recently started themselves and its a nice surprise to see that I survive a lot longer in general, especially when most of my life on Entropia had been solo.

Here is some great advice for new people who have just started:

  1. Sweating; the most basic of skills in Entropia, everyone can sweat an animal, and being new with not a single PED on your card, you will find quickly this is one very small source of income on Entropia. The best way to sweat s to get nice and close, and take plenty of hits from the animal you are sweating, this will give you more skills in other areas which help in combat. The main skill that helps in sweating is evasion, the more you get hit, the more evasion experience you get, the less you will get hit in the future. In a good group of people sweating, people should be in a nice tight circle around a animal to stop the creature moving, because every time the animal moves, you will lose your target, and fail to get sweat. It is also good to note here, everyone wants to sell sweat, but only a few want to buy sweat. My advice for sweat selling, is to hold onto it until you find someone who actually want to buy it, and hold out for the best priced buyer. You will only kick yourself if you sell for 1.7 in haste when a 1.8 buyer can turn up 10 seconds later. Plus every sale at a lower price makes buyers think they can buy it at a lower price in future effecting who economy as a whole for sweat. After you have a few PED from sweating try catch a flight to Boreas, You will find a sweating group there most of the time. The next location, which will yield less experience then Boreas but more sweat is Neas Place, which is further to get to and costs more for a pilot.
  2. If you are returning after being away for a bit, you may notice a ton of vehicles have been added to Entropia. There is a simple mission where you can get a car for free, any new player gets this car from a beginning tutorial mission. If you have not got your free car, you can visit the Calypso Gateway at the end of the middle pier at Port Atlantis. The Calypso Gate is classed as a different planet, so anything stored here will remain here. One of the common problems I hear is that new players lose their car here, if you lose your car, it automatically returns to the storage after being a way from it to long. If you lose your car at the Calypso Gateway, you will have to return for it.
  3. Mission that give away free universal ammo are hiding about.... On the other side of the map! Once you have PED from selling sweat, try get a flight to Half Moon Bay, on the beach will be a mission there that will give you free ammo. After that follow the road out of Half Moon Bay to Cape Corinth Market, you will find a few mission along the way, all easy and rewarding. You can also convert shrapnel into universal ammo, right click and convert. Note: shrapnel can be sold and traded where universal ammo can not!
Skill takes time and sometimes PED to build up, focus on what you can do heading to what you would like to do. This simple 3 step guide should help new people get some basic equipment and skills to get them started, and it will also help people who have been away for a while and returned get some goodies for returning.

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