Friday, 17 May 2019

Event: Marcimex Unrest on Eudoria

The Calypso Defence Force and the Colonial Xenobiology Institute have issued a high alert warning after several groups of colonists have been attacked by hordes of Marcimex, an indigenous giant spider-like bug of Calypso.

The initial High Alert Warning was issued for areas around Twin Peaks; minutes later areas near Boreas, Cyclops Volcano, and Jurra Plateau were added.

The reason for the Marcimex infestation is not yet clear. A senior Xenobiology researchers theorise one of the potential factors to be population density changes and other natural causes and less conservative voices are raising the idea that these outbreaks could be related to the increased colonist activity on the planet.

A rumour spreading fast in at Twin Peaks mentions that the infestation could be related to Robot underground activities. Currently no official sources can currently confirm the reason for the recent Marcimex activity, and all rumours are considered to be speculation at this point, until further data is gathered.

Its thick shell makes it resistant to most attacks. The horn is mainly used for digging, but it can also be used for defence when the Marcimex feels threatened or cornered.

Colonists should also watch out for the spikes covering its body, as they are incredibly sharp and dangerous. While nearly blind, they have a very acute sense of hearing.

Spending their entire lives beneath the ground, these giants are rarely seen, but as of recent have been raising to the surface, although this is not first time the frequency of these kind of events are raising.

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