Friday, 5 July 2019

Eomon And Longtooth Migration (5th July)

The Eomon and Longtooth migration season is here, remember to pick up the Iron, Bronze and Silver missions for Eomon and Longtooth available from Hunting Mission Terminals at cities, settlements and outposts all around Calypso.

Longtooth Adolescents suitable for the young hunters are at Chug’s Hideout and Fort Zeus.

1) Level 170 Eomon Patriarch
2) Level 57 Eomon Young
3) Level 38 Mulmun Clan Warlord

4) Dense Spawn:
Armax Cows Level 9 to 15
Armax Bull Level 14 to 20
Feffoid Level 15 to 20
Molisk Level 9 to 19

Loosely Scattered Around The Region:
Hiryuu Level 7 to 9

Level 29 Longtooth Dominant
Level 30 Longtooth Alpha
Level 30 Longtooth Alpha
Level 32 Longtooth Old Alpha
Level 35 Longtooth Prowler
Level 40 Longtooth Stalker

Loosely Scattered Around The Region:
Level 3 Argonaught Outrunner
Level 3 Argonaught Grunt

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