Monday 2 September 2019

With the migration season over...

The Longtooth and the mighty Eomon have completed their voyage across the plains of the Eudorian continent on Calypso once again, and now many hunters will now return to their usual pray.

Little has be heard from the Calypso Defence Force this migration season, we can assume this is a good sign the hunting season went very smoothly. With the migration going as planned, based on previous observation made by the Research and Development Institute, no major settlements were disturbed during the migration.

Unlike our first steps on Calypso, we have come to know the planet slowly more and more as each years passes, and our regrowth into certain technologies like transportation, have made it easy for new colonist to get about and experience the vast continents of Calypso safely and easily.

It is expected that the markets effected by this annual hunting event to recover in under a month from now.

As the Eomon pheromones start to fall, the wildlife on planet Calypso will start to return back normal and the hunters now look forward to the Halloween and Christmas mayhem events.

This is also the time of year when many of the miners will start migrate to Arkadia for the yearly gold rush event.

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  1. Amazing as always Felix. Without your magazine we colonists would be left in the dark about a great many things. Continue the good work my friend. ☺