Thursday 30 January 2020

Entrolympic Events 2020

The Entrolympic Events 2020, more commonly called "EE20", is an monthly tournament spanning across the year, up until the end of December 2020, sponsored by

Events Through The Year
Hunting / Mining / Racing
Treasure Hunt / Screenshot Contest

The hunting and mining events requires the EntropiaLife tracker client installed to track the results of the participants. You will also have to register on the hunting event and the mining event pages. Once registered you will be able to mine and hunt anywhere to start earning points.

Racing events will also be taking place across the universe, on Calypso, Arkadia, Rocktopia and Next Island. Starting at the end of March.

Screenshot contests will be held up until Saint Patrick's Day, then up to Halloween, and then leading up over the Christmas period. Prizes will be given to the best screenshot.

There is also a big treasure hunt! Members of the Entrolympic Comittee have split up a encoded message into 12 pieces, they then scattered the pieces outside Entropia Universe. Will you be the first person to find the treasure before other do?

To find out more about the the details of each event, click here.

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