Thursday 19 December 2019

VU17: Gameplay Updates

Some less well known updates to the game play elements have been added in the version update along with the graphical update and the new tool tier system.

A few changes have been made to the displaying of information on items to the display, the current trade terminal value of attached attachments is now displayed in the base item’s tooltip info and prices and markup are now displayed in the tooltip info when hovering the mouse over items in a shop or shopkeeper.

One of handy feature that has been added to help protect items from accidental trade. The button to toggle the ability to protect an item can be found in the item info window. Items that are protected will show a “P” on the item icon status bar.

The name of equipped weapons and tools with a condition below 10% is now displayed in yellow text in the dashboard.

Entropia Exchange
The "Share Center" has been renamed to the "Entropia Exchange", which can be accessed by right clicking your PED card in your inventory.

Buy orders have been added to the Entropia exchange. Buy orders always match the lowest available price first. Buy orders will match older Sell orders first if there are multiple Sell orders with the same price.

A market history graphs and transactions tab has also been added to the Entropia exchange, to displays a history of market prices, share transactions and revenue payouts.

Turrets And Destructible Environment
The best part of the recent version update by far is the changed to turrets. Creatures killed by automated turrets, drowned, or despawned by the system will return loot in the form of Shrapnel, when appropriate.

Destructible environmental items now also provide loot in the form of Shrapnel. Destructible explosive items that cause damage to nearby creatures transfer their loot to the damaged creatures.

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