Tuesday 19 March 2019

Guide: Mindforce Basics

This guide will teach you the basics of mindforce. Here you will learn about implants, mindforce chips and essence. With mindforce you can attack, heal, teleport, induce positive and negative battle status. Mindforce is the magic of Entropia Universe, a technologically advanced type of magic.


To use mindforce chips or items, you will need to have a mindforce implant implanted in you head. To do this you will need a "Payn-Inc Implant Inserter" and a "NeoPsion 10 Mindforce Implant", this implant is a standard training level implant, which any person can implant and use. Both are available at any trade terminal.

Once purchased, they will appear in your "Mindforce" tab in your inventory, drag the implant to the implanter to attached it to it. Then right click and equip the implanter and use the tool "E" (Default Key)

Once you have implanted the implant, you can sell the "Payn-Inc Implant Inserter" back to the trade terminal, it only uses a few PEC on the trade terminal value of the implanter and you will no longer need it unless you are intending to upgrade your implant. The implant does not need to be removed to be repaired at a repair terminal.

To remove and implant, simply use the "Payn-Inc Implant Inserter" again, you can not have more than one implant at once, and the option to remove an implant will appear before implanting a new implant.

Chips And Implant Level Info

The maximum professional level on the implant will tell you what the maximum chip level the mindforce implant can handle.

A range of Implants are available to accommodate the different levels of chips. For example, the "NeoPsion Implant 10" can hold mindforce chips which level requirements are below the maximum of 10. The "NeoPsion Implant 20" can hold mindfore chips which level requirements are below the maximum of 20.

You can check which professional level is required for the mindforce chip you want to use by right clicking the chip and checking its item info. You can see the maximum level of your implant by viewing the info on your implant.

Like some weapons, some chips also require a minimum profession level  to use. If you have the right implant but are unable to use the chip, this will likely down to your professional level. All this information is available on the item information screen.

Types Of Chips

Attack Chips: These chips include the electric, combustion and cryogenic attack chips.

Strike Chips: These chips will damage creatures and avatars within a certain radius. If the avatar inflicting the damage is in a team, the team members will not be harmed.

Regeneration Chips: Regeneration chips are used to heal your avatar and allies.

Regeneration Field: Regeneration field chips will heal all avatars within a certain radius. If the healer is in a team, only those in the team will be affected by the heal.

Synchronization chips: For a period of time, your concentration period will be protected from interruption.

Teleportation chips: These chips allow your avatar to travel great distances instantaneously using teleportation technology.

Wormhole Chips: These chips allow you to open up a wormhole to another player on your friend list, allowing all avatars nearby to teleport to the other location, including yourself and your friend.

Resurrect Chips: Certain rare resurrect chips are available, which allow the mindforce user to resurrect dead avatars.

Mindforce Ammo - Mind Essence

Mind essence is a refined energy substance required for the use of different Mindforce abilities. Each chip will require mind essence to use, you will be able to see what type mind essence and how much is needed on the chips info screen.

Synthetic Mind Essence: The only one of the three types that can be found in the trade terminal. Synthetic mind essence is commonly used in the lower level damage and heal chips.

Light Mind Essence: Light mind essence is made from refining "Diluted Sweat" with "Force Nexus" in a refiner. Force nexus is a raw energy material found through mining, diluted sweat can be obtained from hunting. Light mind essence is typically used for area heal and area damage chips.

Mind Essence: Mind essence is made by combining "Vibrant Sweat" and "Force Nexus" using a refiner. Mind essence is mainly used for teleportation and synchronization chips.

All colonists can gather "Vibrant Sweat" from creatures, and this is a popular way to earn your first few PED when starting. Sweating" is done by equipping and using the VSE Mk 1 tool given to every colonist when they arrive. To read more about sweating click here.

Using Chips And Cooldown

Using mindforce chips is just like using any other equipment, equip the chip you want to use and press "E" to use tool, or press "F" when an enemy is targeted to auto use tool, you can auto use tool by holding "E".

After having used your mindforce power, you will experience a cooldown period. During the cooldown time for one mindforce chip, no chip in the same cooldown group can be used.

During the cooldown period it is still possible to unequip the chip and use other tools or chips that are not included in the same cooldown group. Cooldown groups and times can be found in item info screen for the specific mindforce chip.

To find out more about the hunting profession in general, click here to find out more.

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