Friday 13 December 2019

Toxic Swamp Gas

A number of recent geological changes to the swamp areas west of Fort Lahar and southwest of Fort Medusa has now provide a new habitat for the Calamusoid. The Calamusoids are a mutant species, reminiscence of the Omegaton Corporation's DNA testing on select immigrants to planet Calypso in the earlier eras.

The swamps produces a toxic gas that can be lethal to people who are not inoculated. The swamps toxic gas, although is toxic to humans, is not toxic for the Calamusiod, which seem to thrive in the harsh toxic gases. Calamusiod can still reproduce but have a degenerating DNA and each new generation is mutated in a different way.

To begin exploring the recently rediscovered Calamusoid swamp areas, contact Corporal Krill in Fort Lahar to get up to date with the latest intel. Explore the Calamusoid swamps by following the mission handed out by Corporal Krill. Once finished, there are additional Daily Missions given by Sergeant Borba at Fort Lahar and Corporal Zima at Fort Medusa.

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