Friday 13 December 2019

Merry Mayhem 2019

It is coming to the end of the year, and with that come the yearly
Merry Mayhem Event!

It’s that time once again for Planet Calypso’s annual winter hunting event, Merry Mayhem! The event is already underway and the areas are open ready waiting for you!

January 14 - 14:00 UTC
Merry Mayhem 2019 ends.
January 22 - 14:00 UTC
Cutoff for submission of FFA Mayhem Stars for the Free-for-All Mayhem category.

February 5
Event results announced. Prizes awarded in the following days.

Annihilation And Free For All
Entrants may participate in two different Mayhem divisions: Mayhem Annihilation and Free-for-All  Mayhem. Creatures in the Mayhem divisions have the potential to loot Christmas Strongboxes and Mayhem Tokens.

The Mayhem Annihilation instances are accessed via the Global Events List from any planet in Entropia Universe. Browse the event list for the entrance appropriate for your avatar’s profession level.

The Free For All Mayhem instances are accessed via Santa's Little Helpers in Fort Ithaca, Fort Zeus and Nymphtown on Planet Calypso. The Santa’s Little Helpers will provide access to five different Free For All Mayhem instances containing creatures of various levels.

Annihilation And Free For All Prizes
Prizes in Merry Mayhem are awarded in the form of Mayhem Tokens and Christmas Strongbox,  which can also be looted from event creatures. The top ten participant scores in each division will also receive a large stash of Mayhem Tokens.

Mayhem Tokens can be exchanged for exclusive items via the Mayhem Token Trader, located in Cape Corinth, Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks on Planet Calypso.

Mayhem Tokens can not be traded, but the items available for purchase in the Mayhem Token Vendor are can be traded. Note that certain Mayhem Token Vendor items may also require special Placement Mayhem Tokens, awarded as event prizes, in order to be purchased.

For further information on each individual division, click here.

Newcomers Event: The Jul Snarg Hunt
There is also a hunting mission for Merry Snargs on Planet Calypso for newcomers! The Jul Snarg Hunt takes place alongside Merry Mayhem. To activate the Jul Snarg Hunt mission by talking to the Santa’s Little Helper by the Port Atlantis east gate.

Completing the mission will award an Isis LLC 2 Merry Edition (L) Laser Rifle with Increased Laser Skill Gain.

For further information on creature locations, click here.

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