Thursday, 21 March 2019

News: Cyrene Delay In Update

The latest version update has been delayed on Cyrene but expect the revamping of not only the start room, but the entire starter experience on planet Cyrene. Currently a bigger focus will be placed on story, introducing factions, key players and also the overall quest flow.

The terra-forming of the the entire rookie area, including A.R.C. Staging, will be designed to be less confusing, more streamlined and grouped in a way that lets players know which missions they should be targeting.

Along with the upcoming update is mention of a new armour to be implemented into the mentoring system.

Currently Cyrene staff is awaiting on MindArk, Cyrene staff will be continuing to work with and compromise with MindArk to continue improving Planet Cyrene, doing their best to put out complete content on par with other planets in the Entropia Universe.

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