Saturday, 2 March 2019

Event : St Patrick's Day Event - Monria

St Patrick's Day Event

Cthulhu's Chaotic World

On Monria

Over the last year, the aggression of the creatures on Monria have escalated. Discoveries that have put Monria on alert more than ever before. Cthulhu-associated entities have made their presence known, even if only briefly.

If you are planning on celebrating this annual event with us, please come as prepared as you can, because there is no way to predict just what chaos will happen where and when.


Note: Clocks changed ahead 1 hour on the 10th of March in many countries.
  • Meet at DSEC Forensics - Sat, Mar 16th and Sun, Mar 17th - Time 10:00 EU time.
  • Monria Staff and Monria Community Assistance Team (MCAT) will be present for specific interaction.
  • There will be spontaneous activities and random giveaways prior to each day's events.
  • During the course of this 2-day event, spot prizes may be randomly given out.
  • There will also be random global giveaways -- always Expect the Unexpected
  • Wear your most Irish-related fashion (Orange, green and white), be creative, there will be Irish-related fashion prizes.
  • Throughout the event watch the Monria chat channel for instructions and announcements.

Twitch Streamers are encouraged to stream during the event, list yourself as a Monria Twitch Streamer at the Monria forum herelet us know when you will be active with your stream so that it can be shared on social media


  1. Press the ENTER key and type "/join #monria".
  2. Right mouse click on MAIN TAB in the chat box
  3. Click NEW TAB and name it "Monria".
  4. Right mouse click on "Monria" tab just created.
  5. Select #MONRIA and enjoy the company of the Monria community.


The Yamoto mothership use! offering free space travel to Monria and back for this event if you was born on Monria.

If you are not a member of the Yamato guest list, please sign up here and follow the instructions "exactly" and post your full in-game name and if you are Monria born.

If you are not Monria born usual fees apply. 7 PED during our regular Friday and Sunday travel schedules.

Click here to get more information about the event and times at the official post on the Monria forum.

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