Thursday, 21 March 2019

Event: Watch Out For Ped Snatching On Rocktropia!

Watch out the Ped Snatchers are about!

Upon entering all ROCKtropia Instances/Dungeons in addition to the Key Consumption a 20 PED fee is automatically deducted from your PED Card. This dungeon fee system has been added to support the addition of new Rocktropia Style events.

The Rocktropia team will be carefully observing the impact of the use of this system over the coming months to evaluate the success.

The launch of this event has not been well received, with many players being stung with no warning of the cost before entering these instances. Many people have chosen to fly away from Rocktropia due to this.

One user stated:
"UM this isnt right. no notice nothing. i lost 80 ped on top of the large key cost. even the lockpicks and instances in Hell are doing it."

Rocktropia staff have replied with:
"We will arrange for a refund for you Please PM ND inside RT"

With many individuals continuing to question this event, the Rocktropia staff have put out a general statement:
"Dungeon Managers will be able to Opt out of this system. The Idea is to actually add value to running Dungeons not to add to the existing cost for the sake of it... Once we get the events started it may work itself out so it might be worth taking a wait and see attitude... We actually were not aware that the Fee was charged to the Ped Card, we were under the impression it was deducted from the TT value of the Key... So we do understand the disappointment here. Which is why Dungeon mangers can opt out if we cant make the system equitable."

Rocktropia staff have stated that there will be a fix in the future to the lack of notice to PED being removed from the players card as soon as posible:
"In the Meantime we are hoping to add in world notification ASAP so that you know when Ped Snatcher is at large"

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